I’ve Been Hiding Out Like the Face in the Flower

“Is it Over?” asked the Lysianthus bud who had wanted to open up and be full and beautiful.

Lisianthus flower - bud at end of broken stem

This bud and flower, with the query, have been sitting on my desktop for several weeks waiting for me to take action and send them to you…simply, sadly waiting.

Pink Lisianthus flowerThen I came across these photos from one of the very early issues of Picture to Ponder in February 2005.

Tropical Bromeliad with Hidden Face

Do you see the almost “hidden” face? When I recently looked at the photo I did not see it initially, even after I read that it was there.  It was in “hiding”.

Hidden Face in Tropical Bromeliad

Then it hit me that I, too, have been “hiding out”… from you my community whom I’ve so appreciated over the years… some who have been here from the beginning 14 years ago coming up in December!  And, I’ve been hiding out from myself.

Going back over the past years, I found comments many readers and people whom I’ve coached had made, often about the differences my photos, stories and queries had sparked in them.

Some of the story behind this is that I was operating under the assumption that readers expected me to follow the format originally set up – a photo, or photos…description and/or story of it/them….then one, or more, Self-Reflecting Queries.  Added to that was one or more relevant Relationship Tips when I added/converted to Treasure Your Life Now as the title.

Although I’ve continued to take “eye-catcher” photos, they weren’t sparking “Queries” for me, as such, so rather than continue to “struggle” with not living into “readers’ (presumed) expectations”, I stopped writing and publishing “Photos and Queries”.

I forgot that I was the one who had set the “rules”, not you. And  I NEVER checked them out with you or gave you a chance to experience satisfaction with my work however you wished to receive it.

I’ve not followed one of my own persistent themes throughout the Picture to Ponder history, “Always check with those with whom you are communicating exactly what it is they ARE thinking or saying before interacting with the from what you assume it is.”

I invite you to look into your life… Are there any places where you’ve been stopping/hiding out based on your assumptions of what another person, or other people, are expecting from you?  If so, I invite you to check this out with them.

With that, I’d also like to hear what it is you would like to see from me… how I can be supporting you in fulfilling your life’s desires. See YOUR UPDATES below.

RE, my first question, “Is it over?”

No, Treasure Your Life Now Ezine and blog is not over.  With this post I simply want to say, I am back. I will share my “noticings”… sometimes including links to videos I’ve been creating in a variety of ways. I’ve especially been loving the iMovie app on my iPhone.

In the over a year since I’ve communicated here, despite feeling somewhat bored with it, I’ve continued taking photos of wood knots and other images as they caught my eye on my walks.

And then I finally started taking photos again in my home of flowers, cut fruits and vegetables. I began to really feel myself becoming more alive!  Once again I was having fun noticing all kinds of different images in the shapes and textures as I played with pieces and particles.

To get a sense of what I’ve been experiencing, I invite you to “meet me” in “Beauty and Play – Red Onion and Some Hair“. Tap/click on the link or on the image below:
Beauty and Play - Red Onion and Some Hair - VideoAs I explored I continued more noticing and discovering that shriveled up pieces of vegetables became resilient again when I hydrated them. Then I, too, became more resilient, excited and alive.

It’s the wanting to share that with others that had me start doing more videos, experimenting with different ways of creating them. I will include a video with the hydration story in the next post.

I will also be announcing my upcoming expanded course known, in the past, to increase creativity, left brain and right brain activity, as we explore different elements in our worlds using our cameras… shift perspectives, resulting in fun, play and ease in life in general and even more quickly find alternative solutions to everyday challenges that crop up.

I would love to read what’s happening with you and your responses to what I’ve shared here.  Please comment in the REPLY space below this post.

Shifting Perspectives through the Lens of a Glass then a Plastic Bottle

In looking over some past issues of Picture to Ponder, one that kept cropping up was a post that featured distorted visual views and perspectives that I discovered and documented with my iPhone camera. In videos I shared the fun I had doing it. Given the current political climate, it feels appropriate to take a deep breath, lighten up for a few minutes and look at distortions through aesthetic and fun perceptions.

The post below is adapted from one in 2011.  My Mother’s Day gift that year was a loving weekend with one of my sons and his family at a Disney World resort. On the first morning, I was sitting on an upper balcony finishing writing my Morning Pages as I drank my daily lemon water. As I completed, I got excited as my eye suddenly noticed the reflections and distortions visible through the glass.

Distortion - Eye reflected through bottom of glass bottle - http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blog

I immediately grabbed my iPhone camera to document the experience wanting to savor it later  and to share with subscribers. In the first photo I held the glass against my face with the camera positioned at the bottom of the glass.

Then looking across the balcony:

Distortions - looking across the water through a glass bottle in http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blogAfter taking a large number of still photos, I switched to the video camera on my iPhone. The first was shot horizontally; the second, vertically.

Video through a glass on balcony looking over water in http://TreasureYourLLifeNow.comTap or click on the image above to see horizontal video view on the balcony and across the way.
video Vertical view looking through a glass on balcony at Bonnet Creek on http://Treasureyourlifenow.comTap or click on image above, or click on Vertical Video, to see a different perspective. Also, on the technical end, note when holding the phone vertically you get a lot of black on each side when showing on YouTube. Thus, horizontal views are usually best.

Different Lens – More Perspectives
The following day, I played with taking photos through a plastic bottle as seen in the images below. In the upper photo, there is still some water in the bottle. The lower one shows the water drops on the side, inside the bottle.

reflections through a bottle
Reflections through a Plastic Bottle

Self-Reflecting Queries –

These photos, videos and my experiences highlight, in a different way, a recurring theme in Picture to Ponder/ Treasure Your Life Now… that of many ways of seeing and what happens when we shift perspectives.

How often in life do we “distort” reality to fit, perhaps, preconceived images or beliefs that we have? When we do, we may recognize what we are doing and yet it seems to be a struggle and a burden to make any kind of shift. Very often it’s fear of the unknown.

The distortions and reflections in today’s photos show that there can be fun and play in being open and making shifts. For me, the videos are an added demonstration of the lightness and fun that can be brought into play when changing our perspectives.

I invite you to look into your life right now.

Is there any place where you are feeling stuck? where something may feel “heavy”? If so, I invite you to bring some “play” to it. Is there a way you can be seeing it, in fun? If so, what has shifted for you?

And, if all feels great, light and easy, is there still a place where you might bring a playfulness, discovery and exploration and find some new expansion?

As always, have fun, and please share in Leave a Reply below what comes up for you.

2017 New Year’s Greetings and What’s Next Query

This first post for 2017 of Treasure Your Life Now/Picture to Ponder brings with it wishes for your walking the path to lightness and brightness throughout this year and beyond.

The year ended with brilliant sunset skies and clouds in South Florida and elsewhere throughout the state, as well as in other areas of the country.

A Request

As you look forward to where the light will be for you, I am querying my own direction.  As much as I’ve been focused on Technology for Boomers and Seniors, I am also being reminded of my Passion for Photography and how many of my varying perspectives have impacted many of you in seeing your worlds differently.

I would very much appreciate your letting me know in the Leave a Reply box at the end of this post the focus you would appreciate seeing in the Treasure Your Life Now ezine in 2017 – More Photos?  Specific subjects? Continued Self-Reflecting Queries? Relationship Tips?

Photos and Video – Continued
Below are two other of other photos from that night of December 30, 2016 and then video wishes from me.

Fiery Sunset Clouds in Green Cay Wetlands posted on http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blog
On the way out of Green Cay Past the Fiery Sunset
Clouds exiting Green Cay Wetlands, past the fiery sunset

Below is a video acknowledging 2016 with best wishes for 2017 done at Green Cay, sunset on December 29, 2016. Simply tap or click here or on the image to hear me.

Goodbye 2016 - Healthy, Love-Filled, Joyous and Prosperous New Year 2017 on http://TreasureYour LifeNow.com/blog And speaking of videos… 
Creating and Sharing Slideshow or Other Videos – 

In the last Treasure Your Life Now post, I shared some how-to’s on different ways of creating videos, including slideshow videos.  See Celebrating You – Photos and Easy Video Creation for the post.

I wrote, “Because of my own excitement, I am considering doing a follow-up “live” group session on Easy Video Creation and Sharing in mid-January, where I can demo some of the above for you.

If you are interested in learning more, please tap or click on the Notify Me form and fill in your name and email address. The Celebrating You issue also has links to different video playlists with examples of different formats.  Again see Celebrating You.

Repeating – Request for Your Input
I would very much appreciate your letting me know in the comments section below this post the focus you would appreciate seeing on Treasure Your Life Now in 2017 – More Photos?  Specific subjects? Continued Self-Reflecting Queries? Relationship Tips?

Any other comments you wish to make are more than welcome. Please Leave a Reply in the box at the end of this post.

Celebrating You – Photos and Easy Video Creation

Before going further I want to wish you a Happy Holiday – Celebrating You, Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy as you Treasure the Special Moments in your life.

Candy Cane Lily - Celebrating You
The format of this email is a little different from what I usually do in Treasure Your Life Now/Picture to Ponder with Photos, Self-Reflecting Queries and a Relationship tip.In addition to Celebrating You, I wanted to give you an overview of what’s been happening creatively and artistically in my life the past week… inviting you to see what, if any activities, might be relevant for you… particularly in the area of creation with photographs you take, including with your mobile devices.

Last week I shared the start of my birthday celebration with photos from the Candy Cane Lilies bouquet I received. The flowers were mainly in the bud stages. I was so excited to watch their transformation that I’ve been taking numerous photos daily AND creating video slideshows, uploading them to YouTube. The above photo was taken today on Day 7.

I am assuming that digital, tablet and phone cameras will be in high use in the next week or two.  Are you one who currently comfortably takes photos and videos?Originally I planned to give you an OVERVIEW of different ways of creating videos for easy connection with those whom you care about and/or for simple relaxation. Then I realized since I did a blog post on it, I will simply give you the link to look it over if this is something that might interest you.

In the content below there are links to playlists I’ve created on YouTube. There is also an opportunity to request notification for a free group simple video creation overview and Q&A session on easily using your photos.

And, if your are stuck for a gift for a Tech challenged person there is a link for a 15 minute exploratory session prior to see if a gift certificate for private coaching is a fit. There is also a special on Banana Sky DVD, a video slideshow with healing music.

Creating and Sharing Slideshow or Other Videos
As I mentioned, I did a post on my Technology for Boomers site going over a few different ways that videos can be created using selected photos to assemble a video slideshow with music.  To see the,  tap or click on Celebrate Life – Easily Create and Share Slideshow Videos.

Tapping or clicking on the image right below will bring you to my YouTube playlist with three Candy Cane Lilies videos.

http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com shares Candy Striped Lilies in YouTube Video Playlist Tapping of Clicking on the next image will bring you to the start of the Slideshow Videos Playlist, with a variety of quick videos I’ve done in this way, originally on my computer from downloaded photos.Now some are done directly with my iPhone. In addition to what’s an integral part of the devices… Android also… there are free (and minimally priced) Apps for video creation. AND Facebook, for those of you who use it, now offers the opportunity for creating videos.

Of course, there is also the video recorder on the mobile devices as well as digital cameras.  Some of my processes are detailed in the above-mentioned blog post.

By easily uploading to YouTube or Facebook you can share with others as well as watch your own videos for peace and relaxation. If you have not yet tried it, those of you on Facebook will discover how simple it is AND very quick to upload there.

Below is an image of the partial listing of 16 videos current in this playlist as I write here. To see the full playlist and watch the videos, tap or click on Slideshow Videos starting with Sunset Clouds.

http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com shares Section of Slideshow Videos Playlist on YouTube Some with YouTube music Because of my own excitement, I am considering doing a follow-up “live” group session on Easy Video Creation and Sharing in mid-January, where I can demo some of the above for you.

If you are interested in learning more, please tap or click on the Notify Me form and fill in your name and email address.

• • • • • • • • •

Continuing on with the Slideshow Video conversation here, my BANANA SKY DVD video slide show with healing music is perfect for de-stressing. It plays continuously on a TV DVD recorder or on your computer. When I first created it, I found the result so relaxing, I made it available so others could experience it also. Again, see Banana Sky DVD page for preview and testimonials.

• • • • • • • • •

Do you still need a GIFT for a Tech-Challenged Family Member or friend? I invite you to consider a Gift Certificate for Private Coaching on Your/Their Biggest Technical Challenges. See Coaching Gift Certificate or schedule a free 15- minute exploratory session at 15-minute Tech Challenge Exploration.

Again, Happy Holidays. Enjoy photographing and the time you spend connecting with those important to you.

Added special thoughts and blessings to those who may be going through some challenging times now.

COMMENTS ARE WELCOME in the Reply Section below…

Where is your Focus? on the Big Picture or the Parts?

Over the years, we’ve talked about Focus in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life now. In preparing for this issue, several ideas had been running around in my head and I hadn’t taken action yet. Then I got a delivery of flowers for my birthday from my beloved son, daughter-in-law and grandsons in another state.

http://Treasureyourlifenow.com - Candy stripe lily bud straight onThe “focus” idea came to me.  “Where would I/we find the most richness… in the overview of the whole bouquet, or in the individual flowers?”

What adds to the interest for me is that these flowers, “Candy Stripe Lilies,” are new to me AND most of the flowers in the bouquet are still in bud stage. Being more lengthy buds than the flowers I’ve usually photographed, I’m interested to see what develops.


http://Treasureyourlifenow.com - Candy stripe lily bud longIt will also be interesting to see this seemingly pink flower turn into something different. So certainly looking at the parts intrigues me.

What happens when I/we look at the full picture?


http://Treasureyourlifenow.com - Candy stripe lilies bouquet mostly budsWhen I look at the full picture my eye gravitates to the parts. In the above photo I notice the “zebra” striping in the vase. I wonder if anyone else will notice it and be disturbed with it. It seems I’m most often thinking of the other person first or is it about my “looking good.”  I, of venetian blinds in the red vase… an easy fix if I want for future photographs.

Self-Reflecting Queries
So now we come to you. I invite you to take on the “Where is My Focus” query in your life… in your visual world and in your internal world.
Is it the big picture or individual parts?  Does it differ when you look at what’s around you in your physical space from what happens in your internal space… your mental thoughts, planning, etc.? Or is it analogous?

Might becoming more aware of this help you move you forward in your life?  Or perhaps simply accepting who you are… your style.

Relationship Tip 

Keep in mind as you are noticing more how you view your worlds… in parts or as a whole… those people with whom you are communicating might be seeing things totally differently. It always pays to check with them on what their perspectives are.


Please share any of your experiences, as you read today’s issue, in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this post.


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Celebrating 12 Years of Picture to Ponder – Treasure Your Life Now ezine

I’m excited to share that the Picture to Ponder Ezine was launched twelve years ago today, December 9, 2004. It was my way of sharing photos, with emphasis on using a camera to inspire seeing our worlds in new and different, expanded ways. See Issue 1 for my initial introduction. At first it was mainly a photo with the story of it the next day, so viewers could experience the image without being colored by my experience. Over time it changed to be the same day and the “Self-Reflecting Queries” evolved.

TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blog wishes Happy 12th Birthday to Picture to Ponder / Treasure Your Life Now ezineIn celebration it seemed fitting to offer a special price on Banana Sky DVD which evolved from Picture to Ponder (see below).  Then I got the idea to also prepare a slideshow of selected photos from the 2,300 plus photos that have been published in the ezine during the past 12 years.

Moving away from my “Perfectionism” tendency, it became much easier and more time efficient to upload a video slideshow I discovered I had put together a few years ago and never shared.  To watch the video, or quickly scroll through it, tap or click on the image below or on Photo Slideshow Video.

http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blog presents video slide show of early photos from Picture to Ponder.

Picture to Ponder / Treasure Your Life Now Archives
For those who might want to visit any of the early issues or Picture to Ponder or any thereafter, links follow. Click or tap on Issue 1 to see the first issue and follow the arrows at the bottom of the pages for the next two issues.

Ezezine was the publisher I used, starting with issue 4 through July 2008. I appreciate their generosity in maintaining the Archives of those years – See Archives 2004-2008.  

Tap or click on Archives – 2008-2016 for all the issues published through aWeber between July 2008 and now.  From July 2008 to July 2015 you can also see them on PhotographyandTransformation.com and TreasureYourLifeNow.com from April 2015 to present.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I stated above that I put aside my wanting-to-be-perfect personna and chose to upload an existing photo slideshow video that I discovered I had done.

I invite you to look at some of your own patterns and behaviors.  How often does perfectionism kick in for you? Can you identify patterns of times or situations when it’s stronger than others?

What might the costs be for you? For instance for me, it’s usually a loss of time… sometimes extended… resulting in a lot of inaction… sometimes tasks and projects never getting complete.

At times there have also been relationship costs. Waiting to figure out the “right” thing to say…worrying about how what I say may land… what’s he or she going to think of me… and more…has on occasion had a negative impact on one or more of my relationships.

Insofar as communicating, throughout the years in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now, I’ve suggested prefacing any comments starting with “I” statements… “I want you to know…”… “This is about me, not you…” “What’s going on for me is….” Perhaps concluding with asking, “What is happening on your end?”

Please share in the Reply space below any of your experiences as you read today’s issue.

Birthdays Celebration Special – Picture to Ponder’s Birthday and mine next week. – Normally $9.99… Special $5.00 through December 19th. 

Those of you who have been subscribers for some time, probably remember my launch in 2007 of Banana Sky DVD, my photography and healing music by Jeannie Fitzsimmons. The photos were taken during a time of extreme stress that I was experiencing with what the effects of Parkinson’s Disease was having on my husband and, thus, me.

In addition to the peace I felt when taking the photos, I experienced further relaxation when seeing them in a slideshow on my computer. This had me put together the endless loop (continuous play) DVD that works on both a DVD player for TV, as well as a computer DVD recorder.

It’s an opportunity for the viewer to experience stress reduction and relaxation in 11 minutes (or less). The feeling carries much beyond the viewing time.  See the Banana Sky DVD page for a one-minute video preview, plus further description and testimonials and, of course, the opportunity to buy. It makes a great small gift and a good opportunity to purchase a few to have on hand.

For Those in Business
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Thank you for celebrating with me and the Picture to Ponder / Treasure Your Life Now subscribers.

Do you make assumptions that stop you from taking action?

My message today is to simply wish you a Happy, Peaceful Thanksgiving (or day/evening wherever you are whenever you read this). May it have the soft light and glow that these sunset photos are putting forth.
Sunset in Green Cay Wetlands

The Story and Thoughts  –  Plus a Video for Fun

Recently we’ve had some beautiful sunsets here in South Florida, with lots of beautiful clouds reflecting a wide range and pastel and deep pinks with some orange colors and reds. On the afternoon that I took the pictures above, the sky was cloudless as you see. I made the assumption that it would not be an interesting sunset, but I’d go over to Green Wetlands anyway, planning for a faster walk than usual.

After about five or ten minutes I glanced over at the setting sun and experienced the warmth and richness of it and its glow. I started appreciating the “no clouds” to “distract” from the experience.

I then began to think, “I could have missed this. I wonder how many times I don’t take action because I make the assumption that it won’t produce the results that I want.  ‘So why bother?'”  Of course, no action produces no results.

Fun Video

As contrasted with the above, in the following situation I was told by someone else (the software company) that what I wanted and expected would not work.  I acted anyway and ended up having a lot of fun. I’m sharing it with you so you can have smile along with me.

Tap or click on the screen shot to see the video. It will take you to YouTube. I was “playing” with a Virtual Background, a feature that can now be used Zoom.us with computers that have strong enough processors.The full explanation and how-to is in the video. You can read about it underneath the video on YouTube and grab the Zoom tutorial links from the more information section.

Zoom is the program that I’ve mentioned many times here. One of my favorites, it’s the perfect way to meet with family and friends no matter where they live.

Self-Reflecting Queries

Are there times that you don’t take action because you anticipate that you expectations will be unfulfilled?

I invite you to be in the query and when you catch yourself, take some action anyway. Be open to unexpected delights.

And, though you may be reading this after Thanksgiving here in the States, wherever you are, I extend the following invitation.

When something happens that you don’t want, especially in a relationship, look for some small piece for which you can express gratitude. Take an positive action that might be unexpected by either of you. You may be surprised at how much better you’ll feel.


Please share in the Reply section below, your experiences as related to this post.

The Calm Beauty of Sunrise over the Ocean brings Peace

Sun Rising over the Atlantci
Whether you live in the United States or in another country, you are more than likely one of the countless people who have been experiencing tension and upset regarding the Presidential election in the U.S.

The sole intent of this issue of Treasure Your Life Now/Picture to Ponder is to offer you the gift of time-out and the opportunity to be invigorated AND lulled by the sounds and movement of the ocean as the sun rises through the clouds spreading light above and below.

This past Saturday, I took advantage of the last day before the clock went back and Daylight Savings Time ended, and went to Delray Beach, FL for 7:30 AM.  I was blessed with beauty and richness during my time there and feel privileged that I have so many of you in my world with whom I can share this experience.

Currently, I have three videos from Saturday uploaded to YouTube. You can see all three on Treasure Your Life Now website – Tap or click on  Calm and Peace – Delray Beach Sunrise.

Or you can go to YouTube and click or tap on the Ocean Sunrise playlist. The videos will start there and automatically go from the pre-sunrise to the next and the next. After that it will continue on with other sunrises.

If you are impatient as you watch the videos, do use the scroll bar to the middle and then near the end. The imagery is different as you move forward.

A Request
If you watch any of the videos on the Inspirational Sheila YouTube Channel, please Subscribe to my channel for notification when new videos are uploaded. Simply tap or click on the “SF” on the lower right in any of the videos.

To Beauty and Peace for us all!

Please share in the Comments space below any of your experiences as you read today’s issue and watched any or all of the videos.

Faces and Perspectives – How do you want to be known?

As most of you know, I often write and point out shifts in perspectives. To lay the groundwork for today’s photos and experience, I’m reminding, or informing new subscribers, that I regularly see “faces” in many things that “catch my eye.”  

In today’s onion photos, I invite YOU to first view them from the perspective of images other than the onion as food. Then feel free to “play” in anyway you wish.
Another recurring theme in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now has been noting how usually we look at the world through filters… often seeing what’s in front of us from the space of things that are currently happening within us. 

I experienced this with a real “clunk”/reminder last week. Some of you may have received the first photo below in an “Eye (I) Catcher” mailing, or you may have seen it posted on Facebook with some of the story. Later I found a post from four years ago where I had described these images in totally different ways.


When I set up the mailing that included the above view of the onion, I wrote that I saw a   “growling” or “chastising” face. Two hours later I came back to edit and complete the email and all I could see was a sad and disappointed face.  I had just learned that I had missed out on something I would have liked to have experienced.  I was disappointed. Then looking at this photo I could no longer see “growling,” nor can I today… a week later.

I remembered that I had probably used this image in a blog post in the past, searched for it and found that four years ago I had indeed. At the time I labeled it “Sad?”

I had added the following, with just a slight shift in perspective:

Red onion with a Moody face in http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blogI saw “Mopey?”

With a 90 degree shift, there was a totally different feeling:

Red onion turned 90 degrees has a different feeling as seen on http://treasuryourlifenow.com

Now, Coy? or Smiling?

and as I expressed it four years ago:

Today’s Relationship Tip 
What face do you want to be seen with or be known by?

When you get right down to it, today’s photos are obviously a cut red onion. Yet look at the varied interpretations I brought into the different points of view as I personified it.

Some of my observations of the “faces” were in fact reflections of my own state or mood that day. When I finally committed to following my persistent mantra of taking photographs of what ever catches one’s eye, I shifted into the fun and play of it. Interestingly, after that the simple rotation of the onion reflected my new state. The latter resulted, in part, from my actually using the camera.

When we remember that so much of how we interact with a situation or another person is based on our own individual interpretations, we are reminded that this also holds true for the person on the other end. Very often all we have are the expressions on our faces or another’s and/or the tones of voice to which we may also add meaning.

When with others, consider also what your own facial expressions might be saying to another. Are they what you want to be portraying? You might even want to ask what’s going on with the other person or what he/she thinks is going on with you. 

As an example, years before this, when I was in outside sales there was a week in which I experienced two different people sitting across a desk from me, at different times, each asking me why I was angry? I was not at all angry and at a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Workshop later in the week, I asked the leader about it. She pointed out that when I get deep in thought, my face screwed up and people watching me, not knowing what it was, interpreted it as anger.

After that, I would often set up the listening of a person I was with and tell him or her that sometimes my face might take on strange expressions when I was thinking about their question, searching for an answer. I requested that they please disregard what they saw on my face as meaning anything other than that.

An Invitation
For total fun, should there be a conflict situation and you get upset by the expression on another’s face, why not imagine it as one of these from the red onion. It might even bring a smile to your face and lighten up the whole conversation. 

As always have fun and please post your experience in the Comments Section below.

Update on Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs

From a Review on Amazon

wfsd“I do not historically use writing for self-discovery. I use it to share my research, write and record CDs on meditation, and prepare papers for delivery at conventions and conferences…

Now I found Sheila has once again taught me a part of the world I could not see  that self-discovery available to each and every one of us through writing.

by reading this book, you and I get a glimpse into the art of self-discovery through writing and how it is possible for the you and me people in the world to use this to have fuller lives.”
Ina R. Ames

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Emotions in the moment impact how we see

Earlier in this week I came across this photo as I was selecting “Eye (I) Catchers” for one of seven promised mailings as part of one of the “tools” offered in my new Kindle book “Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs” on Amazon. You can request the “7 Eye (I) Catchers” by clicking or tapping on Expand Vision.


cut red onion moddy resting in zucchini on http://treasureyourlifenow.com

To me the “face” was scowling/growling.  I set up the email and then went onto a writing class.  I came back and looked at the photo and I could no longer see the scowling. All I could see was sadness.

I realized that I was bringing to my external vision the disappointment on something I had missed in class. One of the class assignments was to list things about ourselves that are unique.

Knowing one of the things unique about me IS the way I see things and help other people to see from new perspectives also.  So  I wrote, strictly free-flow as we write about in “Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs

The Onion Speaks:

It’s really funny,
The stories people make up…
Especially Sheila.

She included me as one of the Eye (I) Catchers
In a follow-up email…
one of those Auto Responder things.

I know she had labeled me as a growling face.
That’s what/how I’d been appearing to her for
I don’t know how long.

I don’t remember what she first thought
when her eye caught my image as she was cutting
parts of my external being to get to my core.

She stopped what she was doing to get
her camera… before her iPhone… so it was
a much bigger deal than now.

I should have been flattered,
I got to be preserved no matter
what happened to me after.

But how would you like to be remembered
As a growling personality???

She even wrote tonight.
In that auto responder thing…

“As I was cutting a red onion,
I noticed a growling face.
I might have used it to chastise someone
and I like to think I avoid such behaviors.”

Somewhat arrogant, wouldn’t you agree?

After the writing class here she came back
To reread and edit the email… completely
skipped over the growling part.

I went out… at least to the first group
waiting for Eye (I) Catchers in AR3
and then she looked at me again.

Suddenly all she could see was disappointment…
Disappointment and sadness…

She had missed hearing some directions that
might or might not have been given.

It’s so funny… well not laughing funny…
I’m looking at her looking at me…
She’s keeps shaking her head…

She simply can’t find “growling” in me
any more… All she can see is “sadness.”

Interestingly, we are both big enough,
grown up enough, not to dwell in any of
these “meanings”

Rather we’re content in our “Uniqueness”
(I think that question was asked here…
“Write about your uniqueness”)

Our ability to open people up to seeing
Things in new ways…
Noticing what shifts in perspective can do…

Also becoming more aware of the stories
we tell ourselves in the first place.

Now the fun comes in hearing/learning
what other people see.

How many other interpretations will there be
as to whom I might be in this world.

Can’t wait to hear/read…
What do you see ?
Do I remind you of anything in your life?

Pretty amazing what’s possible,
Wouldn’t you agree?

Final note… Sheila in attempting her
usual “need to get it right” went back to
check… to see how she had labeled the
“jay-peg” of me.

All it said was “mood”…
Then she went further and found the
Picture to Ponder issue in which she wrote about me.

We found she showed photos of me
in 3 different positions!!

I became a totally different person in each…
So many possibilities and learnings came
from her experiences with me in that issue.

Now we are BOTH EXCITED… We’ll be
making a comeback… be published again
in Treasure Your Life Now…

I have so much I offer…

If you can’t wait to see what she’ll say next
You can see what we said 4 plus years ago
on Onion – Shifting Perspectives.

But WAIT.. First tell us PLEASE who you’ve
seen me to be… Have I triggered anything
for you in your life?

Please let me know in the comments below.”

Again, You can request the “7 Eye (I) Catchers” by clicking or tapping on Expand Vision.