Summer Solstice Full Moon plus Perfectionism and Indecision

Do you ever find yourself stuck in the morass of perfectionism and indecision? This post is the result of taking action, breaking through “stuckness”. Being up-front and transparent, this has been where I’ve been in relation to posting regularly. I have a wealth of years of … Continue reading

Amaryllis – Changing Perspectives – Close-up and Stepping Back

As I was considering past posts and what photo or photos to share today, I started thinking of those with the subject “confrontation.” Some interesting ones showed up and I decided to go with “changing perspectives” and more traditionally perceived “beauty,” rather than fully confrontational, so… … Continue reading

Choices – Comfort, Staying Still or Moving Forward

Right after a long-time subscriber wrote on Facebook asking me what’s been happening with Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now, I came across this tulip photo, one of our favorites. She went on to say she’s missed both the photos … Continue reading