Do you make assumptions that stop you from taking action?

My message today is to simply wish you a Happy, Peaceful Thanksgiving (or day/evening wherever you are whenever you read this). May it have the soft light and glow that these sunset photos are putting forth.
Sunset in Green Cay Wetlands

The Story and Thoughts  –  Plus a Video for Fun

Recently we’ve had some beautiful sunsets here in South Florida, with lots of beautiful clouds reflecting a wide range and pastel and deep pinks with some orange colors and reds. On the afternoon that I took the pictures above, the sky was cloudless as you see. I made the assumption that it would not be an interesting sunset, but I’d go over to Green Wetlands anyway, planning for a faster walk than usual.

After about five or ten minutes I glanced over at the setting sun and experienced the warmth and richness of it and its glow. I started appreciating the “no clouds” to “distract” from the experience.

I then began to think, “I could have missed this. I wonder how many times I don’t take action because I make the assumption that it won’t produce the results that I want.  ‘So why bother?'”  Of course, no action produces no results.

Fun Video

As contrasted with the above, in the following situation I was told by someone else (the software company) that what I wanted and expected would not work.  I acted anyway and ended up having a lot of fun. I’m sharing it with you so you can have smile along with me.

Tap or click on the screen shot to see the video. It will take you to YouTube. I was “playing” with a Virtual Background, a feature that can now be used with computers that have strong enough processors.The full explanation and how-to is in the video. You can read about it underneath the video on YouTube and grab the Zoom tutorial links from the more information section.

Zoom is the program that I’ve mentioned many times here. One of my favorites, it’s the perfect way to meet with family and friends no matter where they live.

Self-Reflecting Queries

Are there times that you don’t take action because you anticipate that you expectations will be unfulfilled?

I invite you to be in the query and when you catch yourself, take some action anyway. Be open to unexpected delights.

And, though you may be reading this after Thanksgiving here in the States, wherever you are, I extend the following invitation.

When something happens that you don’t want, especially in a relationship, look for some small piece for which you can express gratitude. Take an positive action that might be unexpected by either of you. You may be surprised at how much better you’ll feel.


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