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Treasure Your Life Now

is the “Umbrella” site for various programs and services relating to Treasuring Your Life NOW Being In and Appreciating your life Moment by Moment. This includes personal coaching incorporating one or more of the tools below:

Treasure Your Life Now

YourUntold Stories – The importance and easy “how-to’s” of capturing, saving and sharing images and stories you and your family will appreciate in the future.

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How to Use Your SmartPhone to Safely and Easily Create and Share Audio and Video Memories


Inspirational Fine Art Gallery

Art GalleryMixed MediaInspirational Art bySheila Finkelstein
Fine Art Prints of Fantasy Landscape Watercolors, Nature Photography, Photo/Drawings, Truck Art and Custom Art as requested.


Sheila Finkelstein’s other Coaching Websites

Technology for Seniors Made Easy

Technology for Seniors Made Easy website header on http://TreasureYourLifeNow.comUsing Technology and Social Media – Being comfortable with Technology, to be able to HAVE FUN and EASILY to connect with family members, friends and business associates.The focus is on BOOMERS and SENIORS being comfortable using technology so they are able to be fully living and loving their lives with no regrets. 

See Technology for Seniors Made Easy and the Technology for Seniors YouTube channel.  

Living and Loving a Life with No Regrets

Love with No Regrets Header image on http://TreasureYourLifeNow.comExperience the Wonder and Magic in your relationships.
Together with your partner build a treasure chest of actions and memories, so you know you are loving fully (before it’s too late).

Deepen communication in areas in which you’ve been avoiding. Experience the loving touches that may have been missing. Acts of love occur spontaneously, including giving and receiving unexpected gifts. Acknowledgment abounds. See Love With No Regrets for more information.


Photography and Transformation blog header graphic on
Photography and Transformation blog consists of Photography and Self-Reflecting Queries: Photographs and Writing by Sheila Finkelstein that serve as inspiration for life changes and transformation. The blog posts are articles originally from Picture to Ponder ezine from 2007 through 2013.  Picture to Ponder ezine evolved into Treasure Your Life Now ezine at the end of 2012.

After 2013 all Photography posts for Seeing Your World with New Eyes are on

Writing for Healing Header Graphic on

See also Writing for Healing Blog – 
Using Writing, particularly free-flow writing for breakthroughs in self-discovery insights and action.

Video Channels

Inspirational Sheila YouTube Channel Header Art

For video inspiration, as well as peace and relaxation,

visit Inspirational Sheila YouTube Channel



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YouTube Technology for Seniors