A Program for Fun, Play and Ease in Expanding Connection and Communication

Are you looking for a fun “time out”? An opportunity at the end of a day (for many of you) for energized relaxation (as crazy as that may sound)? Plus a start for the week with seeds for seeing situations in new ways?

I was excited and surprised by the responses in the comments on a Facebook post. I had shared what I thought the image below was expressing; then asked two questions regarding it. 

Different Perspective

To see in a video what the responses were, tap/click on the image above or on Different Perspectives. After watching the video, check the description underneath it in “SHOW MORE.”

In addition to listing the responses, at the end of the description, I go into the story of what the segments are.

My excitement came from the fact that the perceptions were all so different and, synchronistically, were/are a demonstration of what’s possible in The Magic of Shifting Perspectives: Creative Ways to Open & Deepen Communication.

It’s a 4 week program starting 9 days from now!  Designed for you to Relax and Have Fun, the Week 1 Focus is on Seeing. Tap/click on the Power of Perspective Shifts for description and details.

The program starts on Monday, April 5th at 8:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time. It is FREE for all those who register by Friday, April 2nd.

I look forward to seeing many of you joining a like-minded community in my interactive Zoom room.

Are you Missing Out as a Result of Unfulfilled Expectations and False Assumptions

3 Wakodahatchee Wetlands IrisesThis post highlights shifting perspectives, and more, as related to experiences with Wetlands Irises I’ve seen in two Wetlands Preserves, each 5 minutes from my home.

My request is that you allow yourself some time to experience the  textures and beauty in the Iris photos featured here today.

Rather than a long background story, suffice it to briefly say that this weekend I was once again disappointed not finding the wild irises I expected/hoped to see.

When I got home from my walk searching for them, a related post with photos from 2012 magically surfaced as I was looking for something else in my computer.

I was moved by the spontaneous poetry that emerged when handling my disappointment then.

Before continuing, I invite you to take a minute or two to be with each of the photos prior to reading the words below them.

The words were ones that had flowed from me, as I responded to the imagery I was seeing and interpreting. In reading them now, I realize that the feelings resulting from my experiences, also came through in the spontaneous verbal expression.

Wild Wetlands Iris - Petals look tissue thin

Tissue paper thin I feel
As the midday sunlight
Shines brightly through me

Wild Wetlands iris poses as a ballerina

Onstage at cloudy dusk
My arms reach up as
Lit by flash
I pirouette in life celebration
Scattered raindrops refresh my soul

Wild Wetlands Iris

This way or that
I luxuriate in the feel
of my velvetlike skin

Though my lifespan and that of my sisters is short
We relish the time we have
The beauty we share
Honoring the Wetlands visitors who seek us out
As well as those who accidentally find us

The brief story of the above irises 
The bottom line story to the wild irises above, relates to the expectations, letdowns and then the excited surprise upon discovering I was wrong! I had gone on an irises’ searching walk during the 2 week time period that they had shown up in previous years. 

When they never appeared, I made up “stories” of why they weren’t there. Then the guard suggested that perhaps the chemical treatment of the area might have unexpectedly destroyed them.

Living in the “made-up stories”, I was even more, excited when a couple of weeks later, I came back and the irises were there! The above 3 photos we’re amongst the couple hundred photos I took over the next week or so.

(You can see more of the story, if you wish, by tapping/clicking on Wild Wetlands Irises in 2012. There are also links to other iris photos from prior years.)

I concluded then that the final lessons for me were yet to be distilled. The biggest reward would be the couple of hundred, or more, iris photos I then had to captivate my senses any time throughout the year.

Self-Reflecting Queries  
Today I invite you, as I did then, to look at your life, at areas in which you like to make discoveries.

As you read and consider the queries, I invite you to see how some of them might relate to connections and relationships you have with others who are important to you.

Are there things to which you look forward on a regular basis? What occurs for you if they don’t happen, or you miss them for some reason?

How do you handle disappointment and unfulfilled expectations?

Look at both happenings such as my “annual Irises” and also those that occur in your relationships with other people.

Are you able to easily accept whatever is, or do you make it mean something is wrong (such as “my chemicals killed them story”) and then live in that?

Lastly are you ultimately able to find the positives in the experience(s)?

In the case of the 2012 Wild Irises, I did find them, and learn from that, experiencing far more than simply enjoying the flowers.

On the other hand, had I not found, I still was ready to finally accept without making myself, or anyone else, wrong. How about you, in your life? Can you accept what is?

I’m still in awe of life’s unexpected surprises and joys when we let go of our attachments as to how we think things should be.

I invite you to be open to surprise or two in the next few days. Treasure whatever it is.

Your Reactions – Responses
Please share in the Leave a Reply section below what your biggest takeaways are from reading and engaging in the photos and words, as well as with the self-reflecting queries.

To whom are you listening? Yourself…or ??

In the last post, I mentioned Andrea Stephens’ video interview with me on the topic of “Easy, Fun and Effective Communication.”  One of the 9 tips about which I spoke was: 

Give your full attention to whomever is talking. 
No multi-tasking. 

Today as I was checking in on some earlier issues, I was reminded of another critical component to that tip and that is:

No mind wandering onto your own story of what you think you might want to say next.

A Relevant Story –

Boy studies a wood knot in Green Cay Wetlands

A few years ago, as I was walking in Green Cay Wetlands and taking photographs of wood knots, I got into conversation with a young boy, Grady, and his mother. I stopped and showed them the Green Cay Wood Knot Lion, still in my camera.

We then discovered another possible lion, or other critter, right under our feet. Grady did not agree with his mother and me on what it was. So the next time I made a discovery, he went down close to inspect it.

Note: You’ll find a link to see a page the Wood Knot images discussed here at the end of this email.***

Grady’s Story-
We continued our walk, made some other “finds”, and then stopped. My new, young friend climbed onto the railing to look down and watch the blue-winged teals swimming.

As I videoed, Grady continued talking about a story that was evidently on his mind from an earlier conversation. His chattering along with the movement of the bird, is in the 32-second, fun video below.

Blue -winged teal swims as boy talks  about something else
If you can’t see the video, click on Blue-Winged Teal

• • • • • • • • • •

Paying attention – listening/not listening  –
If/when you’ve watched, and listened to, the video with the boy chattering, you’ll have heard me break in with the suggestion to look at the water coming out of the duck’s beak. I also was waiting for the bird to open it wings so I could point out the blue to Grad

I cringed when I heard this in playback. It reminded me of how often, I pay attention to my own thoughts and agenda and am not FULLY with the other person. And, I know, this is NOT unique to me.

Relationship queries
I invite you, for the next day, or more, to pay attention to your own listening. Are you always full present to what the other person is saying or are your thoughts going elsewhere?

When you notice you’re not, are you planning on what you are going to say next, concentrating on something else, or is your mind simply wandering?

Suggested actions
If/when you catch yourself, I invite you to stop, apologize to the person who is speaking, if appropriate, and ask for a recap.

Then fully enjoy being in the moment with that person

As always, have fun with this.

• • • • • • • • • •

The above story relates to one of the 9 Tips to Easy, Fun, Effective Communication: Guidelines and “Rules” for Speaking/Writing to Make a Difference. To receive the free PDF of the tips, simply tap/click on 9 Communication Tips

• • • • • • • • • •

Evolving News Story – Mark your calendars.
Monday night, April 4th, at 8:00 PM Eastern time will be the first of 4 classes in the “Magic of Shifting Perspectives” program. Each week will be a different theme covering various creative aspects in communicating and connecting.

• • • • • • • • • •

An Invitation
Is there something in your life you feel is missing or off? … a communication or connection challenge? If so, I invite you to a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session. Simply put your request in the Reply space below this post and I will get back to you.

• • • • • • • • • •

***To see the Wood Knot Images Grady, his mother and I were looking at tap/click on “Eye Catcher Wood Knots – Are You Listening?”.

Can Disagreements Be Fun?

As a reader of Treasure Your Life Now blog, and possibly a follower of mine on Facebook, you are likely familiar with my constant recommendations for taking “eye-catcher” photos.

ANYTHING that catches your eyes is worthy of being photographed, for a variety of reasons. Amongst these are the opportunities for experiencing different perceptions and having fun sharing.

Practicing this regularly can also help pave the way for more ease in “serious” conversations.

A Story
The above purple passion flower caught my eye several years ago. It was on a vine against a tree in a park behind the Little League baseball field where my late-husband Sam and I had gone to watch one of our grandsons and his team play.

Now, as I read the story, I see that as I kept looking at the flower, I felt a little disconcerted. I wrote: “In the picture, all the skinny little petals (or whatever they are called) had the look of string, rather than the delicacy of a flower.”

Sam, at first glance, thought it was a flower made of wire. Then, when reflecting on the imagery later, he decided it was a propellor.

Granddaughter Kaitlyn (age 13 at the time) said it looked like a carousel; then stated that it reminded her of all the hair on a Chinese dragon.

Grandson Ryan, ever practical even then at age 9, said it simply looked like a pretty flower.

When I called the group together one last time, as I was finishing writing the issue of Picture to ponder, Sam pointed out the propellor. Ryan definitely agreed and then Kaitlyn noticed the pentagon.

Sometime after the baseball game, it had turned into a fun conversation with my husband and two of our, at-the-time, young grandchildren. (I’m looking forward to their responses now, 15+ years later.)

The Point of the Above Conversation is to serve as a reminder that one thing, including a situation, can be seen in many different ways, from different perspectives. As I’m thinking about it now, if we save some of these stories, they also have a bit of a legacy aspect .

• • • • • • • • • •

A Relationship Tip – Have Fun Exploring Different Ways of Seeing the Same Thing

I invite you to spend some time with someone close to you exploring what might be different perceptions for each of you of the same image or object. Quite likely you each might be looking at it from different angles.

Notice/Be Aware – Do you have an initial, “charged” response to, already preconceived notions as to what, he or she, will say?

If so, I invite you to reflect. Where else in your life do these “already knowings”, or “excuses,” show up.

Sometimes, for this experiment, it’s helpful to find something to which neither party has a particular attachment.

• • • • • • • • • •
An interview – 9 Tips to Easy, Fun, Effective Communication: Guidelines and “Rules” for Speaking/Writing to Make a Difference

I was excited earlier this week to be interviewed by Andrea Stephens, Neuro Transformational Life Coach. In a lively interview, we discussed 9 Tips for Effectively Communicating.

You can watch that interview now on YouTube – by tap/clicking on the image or on Video Interview.

To receive the PDF of the tips, simply tap/click on 9 Communication Tips.


• • • • • • • • • •

Coming Soon – Sometime before the end of March, I will be offering 4 classes  on various creative aspects in communicating and connecting. Each week will be a different theme.

This first series will be FREE and likely offered on Monday nights at either 7 or 8 PM Eastern. If you know now that you would be interested, please leave a comment in the Reply section below with your time preferences and any comments.

• • • • • • • • • •

The Invitation
Is there something in your life you feel is missing or off? … a communication or connection challenge? If so, I’m offering you a Complimentary, 30-minute Discovery Session to explore one of your challenges. 

Simply indicate in the Leave a Reply section below that you would like book an appointment and I will email you a link to my Calendar.

NOTE: The address you are required to give, for security reasons, in order to leave a comment is seen only by me.  It is not made Public.


Stepping out on a branch – What is your story?

In the last two posts, I used Lorikeets to personify being in active communication with another.

Today I’m using the Purple Gallinule to inspire you to break through
blocks you might have or to simply enjoy the bird.

Radiating sunrise over Delray Beach ocean

Purple Gallinule on the stem of a Fire Flag plant

What is your experience as you look at the photo?

If you were to personify the bird, what do you think he/she is feeling?

• • • • • • • • • •

When I shared this image several years ago, I wrote:

“We could get heavy and significant about the bird, make a determination that he is struggling and “holding on tight,”
we could say he’s simply relaxing with his wings spread out, enjoying the scenery.

Then the Gallinule went further out on the stem.

purple gallinule in Wakodahatchee Wetlands - dancing or stuck?What is your first reaction when you see this photo?

• • • • • • • • • •

We could state that he is warily taking his next step, or we could say he’s dancing (my initial response when I first viewed the photo.)

Bottom line, we can make all kinds of interpretations and stories as to what’s happening with the gallinule.

Who is to determine which is the “correct” one?

On the other hand, we can simply be with the beauty of his colors, the lines of his legs and amazing feet, or however you see it…possibly opening up new ways of looking at our challenges.

• • • • • • • • • •

Self-Reflecting Queries:

Reflect on your responses to my above queries and/or my “stories”. I’ve brought my interpretations into the picture. What were yours?

I invite you to check further in with yourself:

Are there places in your life where you are so busy making interpretations, “figuring” something out, that you are missing the opportunity of having fun?

If so, what thoughts and/or emotions would you need to release right now to have that pleasure.

  • Might it be perfectionism?
  • judgment?
  • the need to be right?
  • anger?
  • something else?

If you see the block to having fun, please take the action of letting go so you can have pleasure in this moment.

• • • • • • • • • •

At this point you might once again be wondering, “What does the photo of another bird, a  Purple Gallinule, have to do with me and communication?”

I’ve found that many times it’s easier to find/see answers to the nagging internal thoughts, when we look outside of ourselves and interpret things we see… external stories that are safe.

Bottom Line:  
There are creative ways, unique to each individual, that will be discovered and used to find answers to my clients’ perceived challenges as we work together.

Effective communication in relationships is key.

• • • • • • • • • •

A Request: 
As I start focused development on Communication and Connection coaching, I would appreciate it if you would share with me what problems/challenges you think you and your peers might be having in communication and/or connecting with themselves and others important to you/them.

Perhaps they are:

  • not being listened to?
  • been told that you are the one not listening?
  • issues with anger?
  • seemingly dead-end disagreements?
  • not sure what to do next?
  • feelings of isolation?
  • disconnection?
  • other….?

In summation:
Please reply to this post in the Leave a Reply section below, with answers to any of the above or feedback you care to give and, perhaps, a list of one or more problems/challenges in communication and connection of which you are aware.

In appreciation:
I offer you a Complimentary, 30-minute Discovery Session to explore one of your challenges. Do you feel like that something is missing in your life now… that perhaps this is coming from communication issues?

Simply indicate in the Leave a Reply section below that you would like book an appointment and I will email you a link to my Calendar.

NOTE: The address you are required to give, for security reasons, in order to leave a comment is seen only by me.  It is not made Public.

Active Listening Results

Talking, active listening, effective communication lead to closeness, connection and love,” as demonstrated by the Lorikeets whom I’m using in this announcement.

I have reframed my business to focus on serving as a Communication and Connection coach.

Using fun, uplifting and creative methods, my clients discover solutions to challenges, become more deeply connected with themselves and those important to them.
They experience a new-found freedom with nothing to fix!

If you are yearning to get unstuck in a specific area, I invite you to book a complimentary, discovery session with me.

Make note in the Reply section below that you’d like me to get back to you with my calendar link.

Is your past holding you back?

Have you ever noticed that, or how, your past might be holding you back?  Your thoughts about one or more situations? Things you thought you did well, or exceeded, in. Then you fear you can’t do the same or better?

Radiating sunrise over Delray Beach oceanA Pair of Lorikeets Communicating

I have been in that space for quite a while. In this ultimately transformational, yet stuck, process I’ve neglected communicating here in regular posts. Most importantly now, I’ve neglected to share the following:

I am excited to announce that I am reframing my business, focusing on putting all of the pieces together and serving as your Communication and Connection Coach.

The “past” part of what’s added to my procrastination is the wealth of content I have developed in the over 700 issues of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now that I’ve delivered in emails and posted on changing blogs during the last 16 plus years.

I’d been thinking that I could easily be repurposing a lot of what’s been written. Then I got and allowed myself to stay stuck and in overwhelm“Where do I start?” was one of the biggest traps.

Now that I’ve gotten past the hurdle, I am asking for your help so that I can speak and write about what I do as a Communication and Connection coach in the language used by those by those I serve..

Please see the end of this post for my feedback request

• • • • • • • • • •

Question: At this point you might be wondering, “What does the photo of the Lorikeets have to do with all of this?”

Answer: When I finally let go of my “need” find relevant past ezines to repurpose in mailings and blog posts, the subject title for this email popped into my head.

Always curious, I took an action that synchronistically had the above pair of Lorikeets, seemingly engaged in conversation, show up in an issue from several years ago.

How fitting, since the main intention of this post was to bring you up-to-date on my reframed business as a Communication and Connection coach… the photo was/is, when interpreted, the perfect representation for it!

The tips in the discovered post were also exact and fitting. They were/are about relationships.

Watch for my next post.  I will fill you in on the key Relationship Tips that went with the Lorikeets’ story

Bottom Line:  There are creative ways, unique to each individual, that will be discovered and used to find answers to my clients’ perceived challenges as we work together. Effective communication in relationships is key.

• • • • • • • • • •

My Request: I would very much appreciate your responding to this post in the comments below. 

If you’ve been a follower for some time, what personal challenges might you have had that Photos and Self-Reflecting queries have helped you with.

Also it will be most helpful, if you would share with me what problems/challenges you think you and your peers might be having in communication and/or connecting with self and others important to you/them.

It is NOT my intent to contact you personally in relation to what you share. I simply want the information to aid me in planning, focusing, and marketing

Perhaps they are:

  • Feelings of isolation?
  • Disconnection?
  • Not being listened to?
  • Been told that you are the one not listening?
  • Seemingly dead-end disagreements?
  • Not sure what to do next?
  • Other….?

Just today, after I helped someone with a seemingly simple challenge, I received a spontaneous message:

Once again, Sheila Finkelstein has all the answers, even to unasked, but should-be-asked questions!”

What questions might you be asking me? What are you asking yourself?

In summation:
Please reply to this post in the Leave a Reply section below, with answers to any of the above or feedback you care to give and, perhaps, a list of one or more problems/challenges in communication and connection of which you are aware.

I greatly appreciate your participation.

A Tale of Autumn Leaves

As I share a “missing” from several years ago, I invite you consider one or more “missings” you may be having as we go through these challenging times together.

Recently a dear friend of mine shared about decorating her mailbox for autumn. She has a practice of doing this seasonally as well as for various holidays. As soon as I heard her mention “autumn”, no longer an experience for me here in Florida, I was reminded of the following that happened several years ago. 

Autumn Leaves Collage - Missing Autumn in New Jersey

At that time when another friend reminded me that autumn had started, I was thrown back into remembering my first autumn in southeast Florida where we don’t experience the seasons as they are up North. I had lived in the Northeast for my first 62 years, 37 of them in Central New Jersey.

As I started reflecting on the season, my body actually had the sensory experience of “missing autumn.” In a Photoshop Elements course at the time, where the assignment was to create a photo collage, I decided to create “Missing Autumn in NJ” to somehow bring Fall back to me.

The top is the photo collage I mentioned above. The other three images are my original “photo/drawings.”

Photo/Drawing of yellow and brown autumn leaves

Orange Autumn leaves - Photo/drawing

Brown autumn leaves in a photo/drawing by Sheila Finkelstein“Photo/drawing” is a term I created when I first developed this process using my photographs, new scanner and a pen with permanent ink to draw directly on the photos. They were the content that made up my first web site, Nature’s Playground. On it I stated:

We believe that the world is a playground for personal growth and development;that natural environments – gardens, woods, beaches, rivers, streams – are sources for pleasure, creativity, play and self-discovery; that expanding sensory awareness of natural and man-made environments provides access to furthering creative thinking and appreciation.”

Note: The following are queries that I posed several years ago when I first delivered the content that’s in this ​​​​​​​article.

Although today’s (2019’s) “missings” are likely many more and much more challenging than in the past, I invite you to reflect on them, perhaps in a new way.

When you’ve longed for something, such as when I was “missing autumn” several years ago, what actions do you take? Are you proactive, or do you stay in the “dwelling” on the longing?

Similarly when you find yourself in the midst of frustration, what is your response? And, if your ordinary response is not one that brings you fun, I invite you to find a means to “play” your way through the next time you find yourself in one of the above situations.

Please share on the blog, or in an email reply to me, your experience of what a biggest missing for you might be. It would be especially meaningful and helpful to all of us, I’m sure, to read any of the ways you might be able to bring “play” into your life if/when sadness and negative emotions seem to be running you.

As always, your response to the photos, queries and other comments are welcome. Please post them in the Leave a Reply section below.

Almost a PS – You can see more of my photo/drawing art on my Fine Art of America Gallery – click/tap on Sheila’s Gallery. When you click on any image on the right you’ll see options for different categories of products that the image can be placed on: Wall Art, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Stationery, and Phone Cases.

Should you visit Nature’s Playground to see more photo/drawings, and be interested in experiencing them on a variety of products, go directly to my Cafe Press Shop from the following link CafePress.com/natureart  When I just checked the NaturesPlayground.com site, I saw that the links from there that are supposed to go to my products need updating.

Caged Sunset – Access to Releasing Emotions and Healing through Writing and/or Your Camera

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 15th, from Noon to 9:00 PM Eastern time, I will be participating in the free Virtual Health and Wellness Psychic Fair – https://bit.ly/815virtualfair. I invite you to join me between 3:05 and 3:30 PM Eastern for my presentation “Access to Emotional Release and Healing through Writing and/or Your Camera.” See below ** for more details.

Given my topic for the event tomorrow, I went browsing through various published issues of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now ezine looking for that theme. The “Caged Sunset” photo, several year ago, had a dramatic and life-altering, emotional-releasing response from one of the subscribers.

Today’s Photos
Sunset from the parking lot of Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Boynton Beach, FL.

The top photo was the setting sun as seen through poles and wires. It’s what caught my eye first and I mentally labeled it “Caged Sunset.

It was the lower photo that I absolutely loved for the colors and the contrasts of both darks and lights, as well as those in the lines. The scene is very dramatic and yet there is a sense of mysticism emanating from the faint background imagery. Looking closely we can see the structure in the top photo is what’s appearing so dimly in the distance in the lower one.

Self-Reflecting Queries

My impetus for taking the pictures featured above was, at first, an intellectual, preconceived thought. When I looked up, as I was leaving my car, I had the idea of “capturing” the sun, seeing how it would look “caged in” or imprisoned.

Once I viewed the photos after downloading them into my computer, I ended up thinking, “Given the dominance and heat of the sun, is imprisonment even possible?”

As I moved my sightings and the focus of the lens closer to me, the tall reeds became the “cage.” The result, as we see, was far from a prison. What I got was a simple gift of lyrical beauty.

So, how does this reflect into queries here? I’m thinking it’s an invitation, and reminder, for all of us to test our ideas and then to be open to the variations of whatever shows up.

Are there places in your life now where things are happening that might be served by your changing focus? If so, I invite you to check out what may open up for you.

*The Reader’s Response, referred to above:

“When I first saw the top picture my thoughts were ‘why would anyone ruin a beautiful sunset by including those ugly poles’ in it and when I looked at the bottom picture I loved the way the reeds stood out and the water reflected the beautiful colors in light of the sunset. I take a lot of pictures and always try to exclude anything ‘unnatural’ i.e.: the electrical poles.

Then I read your post and realized that my thinking on a certain situation in my life was exactly what you had expressed. It was like your post was meant expressly for me. I have a son in prison. So naturally the word ‘prison’ and ‘caged in’ jumped right out at me. When he first was incarcerated, although I was heartbroken, I also realized that this was saving his life, as he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

But even by realizing this, I was so afraid that being ‘caged in’ was going to change the most beautiful part of this personality, which is his ability to have compassion for all living beings and his need to help others even in the advent that it was derogatory to him.

In looking at your pictures and rereading your post, I have come to the conclusion
 that this is not going to happen, this compassion and giving nature of his is part of 
his soul and even in this present situation, he is the most loving, giving, compassionate person I know. And I now believe that this current situation is part of his ‘lesson in this physical life of his’ or to put it another way, it is one of his contracts with divine energy/the universe/God.

Thank you so much for giving me this realization this morning.”

Before continuing reading, I invite you to Pause and Breathe this in, then out – 3 times.


** Back to the Possibilities of Meeting Face-to-Face to Chat
In addition to being on Zoom during the presentation, you can also visit with me in my room (#35 on Zoom) for general chatting, or book a private coaching session, between 1:30 and 9:00 PM. There will a free raffle after each of the presentations and free bonuses for visiting in the rooms. For my raffle, I am offering 1 hour of Free Coaching to help discover your creative access to solving one of your personal challenges.

Any time after coming into the main Zoom room, you can ask the Zoom Engineer in Chat to put you in my room Sheila Finkelstein, Door 35, before or after my 3:05 to 3:30 Presentation.

Once you get a free ticket for the event, you will receive an email with the Zoom link to enter the event. You can come and go throughout the day and evening. To get your ticket(s) go to https://bit.ly/815virtualfair. Save the latter page to refer to for the full day’s schedule and descriptions of the practitioners and their offerings.

As always, your response to the photos, queries and other comments are welcome. Please comment in the Leave a Reply section below.

Beauty and Resistance

TODAY’S PHOTO – Blended White and Purple Alstroemeria –
The lower two photos, taken at different times, were combined into the single image shown on the top using Photoshop Elements.

White and Purple Alstroemeria Blended using Photoshop Elements

Several years ago, long before my iPhone camera and all its Apps, I took an online course on using Photoshop Elements for editing photos on my computer. For six years I had been resisting using the Photoshop program for anything beyond basic resizing, sometimes cropping, occasional minor color adjustment and sometimes touch-up, eliminating small, distracting spots.

In various issues of Picture to Ponder, I’d even written about wanting to remain “pure” to the photography, actually being somewhat defensive. As I reflected on it when I wrote this article, I realized how “positional” I had been. I had even totally forgotten that observation.

In fulfilling the assignment for the course to create a blended photo, I became delighted with the achievement that produced the end result.

When I recently came across the featured photo, as I was looking through past issues, I once again found myself appreciating the light, airy, as well as almost mystical, feeling that the image exudes. I even printed it out and have it on the wall next to my desk.

It is also a reminder of what can be possible from letting go resistance and taking on something one step-at-a-time.

And to update into my world today… When I take the time, I love editing some of my iPhone photos with one or more of the many photo editing apps. It’s one of the many ways I can be creative.

What do you do to satisfy the creative juices wanting to flow out from you?

Who or where in your life are the people or projects holding together the significant parts? [In this case the top photo with its beauty is holding together the two bottom photos.]

Although the components might be at different stages of opening, as the flowers above, can you see the importance of each to the whole?

Also, are there things or people in your life that you really appreciate and may, simply, be taking for granted?

In addition, I invite you to stop, look closely at those people or situations from many angles and see what new you might find, something you may never have seen before.

I then invite you to communicate with those whom you’ve been taking for granted. Express your appreciation and whatever else you noticed.

I love creating and then I often stop at the sharing what I’ve created. The last issue, and maybe in one or two a while ago, I mentioned my online gallery that has a sampling of all the different variations of art I’ve produced: Fantasy Landscapes and Photographs and Photo/Drawings in many different categories. If you haven’t yet visited it, I invite you to do so now (tap/click on) Sheila’s Gallery. The link also is, and now will continue to be, in my signature below.

I THANK YOU for being in my world.

As always, your response to the photos, queries and other comments are welcome. Please write them in the Leave a Reply box below this post.