Caged Sunset – Access to Releasing Emotions and Healing through Writing and/or Your Camera

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Given my topic for the event tomorrow, I went browsing through various published issues of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now ezine looking for that theme. The “Caged Sunset” photo, several year ago, had a dramatic and life-altering, emotional-releasing response from one of the subscribers.

Today’s Photos
Sunset from the parking lot of Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Boynton Beach, FL.

The top photo was the setting sun as seen through poles and wires. It’s what caught my eye first and I mentally labeled it “Caged Sunset.

It was the lower photo that I absolutely loved for the colors and the contrasts of both darks and lights, as well as those in the lines. The scene is very dramatic and yet there is a sense of mysticism emanating from the faint background imagery. Looking closely we can see the structure in the top photo is what’s appearing so dimly in the distance in the lower one.

Self-Reflecting Queries

My impetus for taking the pictures featured above was, at first, an intellectual, preconceived thought. When I looked up, as I was leaving my car, I had the idea of “capturing” the sun, seeing how it would look “caged in” or imprisoned.

Once I viewed the photos after downloading them into my computer, I ended up thinking, “Given the dominance and heat of the sun, is imprisonment even possible?”

As I moved my sightings and the focus of the lens closer to me, the tall reeds became the “cage.” The result, as we see, was far from a prison. What I got was a simple gift of lyrical beauty.

So, how does this reflect into queries here? I’m thinking it’s an invitation, and reminder, for all of us to test our ideas and then to be open to the variations of whatever shows up.

Are there places in your life now where things are happening that might be served by your changing focus? If so, I invite you to check out what may open up for you.

*The Reader’s Response, referred to above:

“When I first saw the top picture my thoughts were ‘why would anyone ruin a beautiful sunset by including those ugly poles’ in it and when I looked at the bottom picture I loved the way the reeds stood out and the water reflected the beautiful colors in light of the sunset. I take a lot of pictures and always try to exclude anything ‘unnatural’ i.e.: the electrical poles.

Then I read your post and realized that my thinking on a certain situation in my life was exactly what you had expressed. It was like your post was meant expressly for me. I have a son in prison. So naturally the word ‘prison’ and ‘caged in’ jumped right out at me. When he first was incarcerated, although I was heartbroken, I also realized that this was saving his life, as he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

But even by realizing this, I was so afraid that being ‘caged in’ was going to change the most beautiful part of this personality, which is his ability to have compassion for all living beings and his need to help others even in the advent that it was derogatory to him.

In looking at your pictures and rereading your post, I have come to the conclusion
 that this is not going to happen, this compassion and giving nature of his is part of 
his soul and even in this present situation, he is the most loving, giving, compassionate person I know. And I now believe that this current situation is part of his ‘lesson in this physical life of his’ or to put it another way, it is one of his contracts with divine energy/the universe/God.

Thank you so much for giving me this realization this morning.”

Before continuing reading, I invite you to Pause and Breathe this in, then out – 3 times.


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