Can Disagreements Be Fun?

As a reader of Treasure Your Life Now blog, and possibly a follower of mine on Facebook, you are likely familiar with my constant recommendations for taking “eye-catcher” photos.

ANYTHING that catches your eyes is worthy of being photographed, for a variety of reasons. Amongst these are the opportunities for experiencing different perceptions and having fun sharing.

Practicing this regularly can also help pave the way for more ease in “serious” conversations.

A Story
The above purple passion flower caught my eye several years ago. It was on a vine against a tree in a park behind the Little League baseball field where my late-husband Sam and I had gone to watch one of our grandsons and his team play.

Now, as I read the story, I see that as I kept looking at the flower, I felt a little disconcerted. I wrote: “In the picture, all the skinny little petals (or whatever they are called) had the look of string, rather than the delicacy of a flower.”

Sam, at first glance, thought it was a flower made of wire. Then, when reflecting on the imagery later, he decided it was a propellor.

Granddaughter Kaitlyn (age 13 at the time) said it looked like a carousel; then stated that it reminded her of all the hair on a Chinese dragon.

Grandson Ryan, ever practical even then at age 9, said it simply looked like a pretty flower.

When I called the group together one last time, as I was finishing writing the issue of Picture to ponder, Sam pointed out the propellor. Ryan definitely agreed and then Kaitlyn noticed the pentagon.

Sometime after the baseball game, it had turned into a fun conversation with my husband and two of our, at-the-time, young grandchildren. (I’m looking forward to their responses now, 15+ years later.)

The Point of the Above Conversation is to serve as a reminder that one thing, including a situation, can be seen in many different ways, from different perspectives. As I’m thinking about it now, if we save some of these stories, they also have a bit of a legacy aspect .

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A Relationship Tip – Have Fun Exploring Different Ways of Seeing the Same Thing

I invite you to spend some time with someone close to you exploring what might be different perceptions for each of you of the same image or object. Quite likely you each might be looking at it from different angles.

Notice/Be Aware – Do you have an initial, “charged” response to, already preconceived notions as to what, he or she, will say?

If so, I invite you to reflect. Where else in your life do these “already knowings”, or “excuses,” show up.

Sometimes, for this experiment, it’s helpful to find something to which neither party has a particular attachment.

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An interview – 9 Tips to Easy, Fun, Effective Communication: Guidelines and “Rules” for Speaking/Writing to Make a Difference

I was excited earlier this week to be interviewed by Andrea Stephens, Neuro Transformational Life Coach. In a lively interview, we discussed 9 Tips for Effectively Communicating.

You can watch that interview now on YouTube – by tap/clicking on the image or on Video Interview.

To receive the PDF of the tips, simply tap/click on 9 Communication Tips.


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This first series will be FREE and likely offered on Monday nights at either 7 or 8 PM Eastern. If you know now that you would be interested, please leave a comment in the Reply section below with your time preferences and any comments.

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The Invitation
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