Celebrating 12 Years of Picture to Ponder – Treasure Your Life Now ezine

I’m excited to share that the Picture to Ponder Ezine was launched twelve years ago today, December 9, 2004. It was my way of sharing photos, with emphasis on using a camera to inspire seeing our worlds in new and different, expanded ways. See Issue 1 for my initial introduction. At first it was mainly a photo with the story of it the next day, so viewers could experience the image without being colored by my experience. Over time it changed to be the same day and the “Self-Reflecting Queries” evolved.

TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blog wishes Happy 12th Birthday to Picture to Ponder / Treasure Your Life Now ezineIn celebration it seemed fitting to offer a special price on Banana Sky DVD which evolved from Picture to Ponder (see below).  Then I got the idea to also prepare a slideshow of selected photos from the 2,300 plus photos that have been published in the ezine during the past 12 years.

Moving away from my “Perfectionism” tendency, it became much easier and more time efficient to upload a video slideshow I discovered I had put together a few years ago and never shared.  To watch the video, or quickly scroll through it, tap or click on the image below or on Photo Slideshow Video.

http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blog presents video slide show of early photos from Picture to Ponder.

Picture to Ponder / Treasure Your Life Now Archives
For those who might want to visit any of the early issues or Picture to Ponder or any thereafter, links follow. Click or tap on Issue 1 to see the first issue and follow the arrows at the bottom of the pages for the next two issues.

Ezezine was the publisher I used, starting with issue 4 through July 2008. I appreciate their generosity in maintaining the Archives of those years – See Archives 2004-2008.  

Tap or click on Archives – 2008-2016 for all the issues published through aWeber between July 2008 and now.  From July 2008 to July 2015 you can also see them on PhotographyandTransformation.com and TreasureYourLifeNow.com from April 2015 to present.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I stated above that I put aside my wanting-to-be-perfect personna and chose to upload an existing photo slideshow video that I discovered I had done.

I invite you to look at some of your own patterns and behaviors.  How often does perfectionism kick in for you? Can you identify patterns of times or situations when it’s stronger than others?

What might the costs be for you? For instance for me, it’s usually a loss of time… sometimes extended… resulting in a lot of inaction… sometimes tasks and projects never getting complete.

At times there have also been relationship costs. Waiting to figure out the “right” thing to say…worrying about how what I say may land… what’s he or she going to think of me… and more…has on occasion had a negative impact on one or more of my relationships.

Insofar as communicating, throughout the years in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now, I’ve suggested prefacing any comments starting with “I” statements… “I want you to know…”… “This is about me, not you…” “What’s going on for me is….” Perhaps concluding with asking, “What is happening on your end?”

Please share in the Reply space below any of your experiences as you read today’s issue.

Birthdays Celebration Special – Picture to Ponder’s Birthday and mine next week. – Normally $9.99… Special $5.00 through December 19th. 

Those of you who have been subscribers for some time, probably remember my launch in 2007 of Banana Sky DVD, my photography and healing music by Jeannie Fitzsimmons. The photos were taken during a time of extreme stress that I was experiencing with what the effects of Parkinson’s Disease was having on my husband and, thus, me.

In addition to the peace I felt when taking the photos, I experienced further relaxation when seeing them in a slideshow on my computer. This had me put together the endless loop (continuous play) DVD that works on both a DVD player for TV, as well as a computer DVD recorder.

It’s an opportunity for the viewer to experience stress reduction and relaxation in 11 minutes (or less). The feeling carries much beyond the viewing time.  See the Banana Sky DVD page for a one-minute video preview, plus further description and testimonials and, of course, the opportunity to buy. It makes a great small gift and a good opportunity to purchase a few to have on hand.

For Those in Business
David Perdew, Founder of NAMS – Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems – has once again put together December Specials with some exciting tried and proven products for Internet Marketers. If that’s you, I invite you to tap or click on DECEMBER DEALS to see if there’s anything there in the upcoming days that might be a fit for you.

Thank you for celebrating with me and the Picture to Ponder / Treasure Your Life Now subscribers.

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