Celebrating the Freedom to See Things in New Ways

From a backyard patio, several years ago, I had the joy of seeing and photographing a clear view of fireworks that were bursting forth in the sky from a distant county park. (Tap/click on Fireworks Video to see the video)

The fun and play came when unique images caught my eye as I looked at the images in my camera and/or downloaded in my computer.Fireworks with a flowers insertCurrently the process is even easier when using my iPhone.  I can view them in Photos on my phone, save those that especially “catch my eye”, then edit (if I wish) and “play” with them.

The photograph on the left in the above was one of my fireworks captures.  The one on the right is also fireworks with flowers inserted in the downloaded image.

As you’ll see below, the background in the photo on the right was another fireworks “capture”. It felt like widespread fine leaves calling for something in the center.


I suppose it was mainly the yellow color in the first image that had me immediately notice the flowers sitting on a nearby table. I focused in on the center of the arrangement, photographed it and then inserted it into the fireworks photo.


As I’ve been doing with my own life, I invite you to think about, and appreciate, all the areas in your life where you experience freedom and independence.

One of the biggest things for me, as I shared in the last post, is the joy of being present and making unexpected visual discoveries.

One the viewers, in responding to my queries in the last issue of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life NOW wrote, “Finding the Joy in the Unexpected”, responded to my query on what she would like to see in the upcoming workshop I’m creating:

“I’d love to learn how to use noticing images to become more present in every day life. I have plenty of joy, but I tend to think too much.

I love beautiful and interesting things, so to know how to slow down and notice them might help me become more present.” SB

I responded to her that included in the workshop will various easy ways to notice beauty, or intrigue, in the unexpected and become almost instantly refreshed. There will be additional methods for how to expand on that experience, if you so choose.
I continued that included in the workshop will be a variety of easy ways to notice beauty or intrigue in the unexpected. Guaranteed, you’ll become almost instantly refreshed. There will be additional methods for how to expand on that experience, if you so choose.

Amongst those topics I will be covering are simple technology tips that you can use to share your excitement and joy with others.

To help me as I prepare, I’d very much appreciate your response to one or both of the following questions:

What are some of the things that usually catch your eye?  What might you appreciate learning in such a workshop?

Please post your answer(s) in the Leave a Reply section below this post.

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