Celebrating You – Photos and Easy Video Creation

Before going further I want to wish you a Happy Holiday – Celebrating You, Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy as you Treasure the Special Moments in your life.

Candy Cane Lily - Celebrating You
The format of this email is a little different from what I usually do in Treasure Your Life Now/Picture to Ponder with Photos, Self-Reflecting Queries and a Relationship tip.In addition to Celebrating You, I wanted to give you an overview of what’s been happening creatively and artistically in my life the past week… inviting you to see what, if any activities, might be relevant for you… particularly in the area of creation with photographs you take, including with your mobile devices.

Last week I shared the start of my birthday celebration with photos from the Candy Cane Lilies bouquet I received. The flowers were mainly in the bud stages. I was so excited to watch their transformation that I’ve been taking numerous photos daily AND creating video slideshows, uploading them to YouTube. The above photo was taken today on Day 7.

I am assuming that digital, tablet and phone cameras will be in high use in the next week or two.  Are you one who currently comfortably takes photos and videos?Originally I planned to give you an OVERVIEW of different ways of creating videos for easy connection with those whom you care about and/or for simple relaxation. Then I realized since I did a blog post on it, I will simply give you the link to look it over if this is something that might interest you.

In the content below there are links to playlists I’ve created on YouTube. There is also an opportunity to request notification for a free group simple video creation overview and Q&A session on easily using your photos.

And, if your are stuck for a gift for a Tech challenged person there is a link for a 15 minute exploratory session prior to see if a gift certificate for private coaching is a fit. There is also a special on Banana Sky DVD, a video slideshow with healing music.

Creating and Sharing Slideshow or Other Videos
As I mentioned, I did a post on my Technology for Boomers site going over a few different ways that videos can be created using selected photos to assemble a video slideshow with music.  To see the,  tap or click on Celebrate Life – Easily Create and Share Slideshow Videos.

Tapping or clicking on the image right below will bring you to my YouTube playlist with three Candy Cane Lilies videos.

http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com shares Candy Striped Lilies in YouTube Video Playlist Tapping of Clicking on the next image will bring you to the start of the Slideshow Videos Playlist, with a variety of quick videos I’ve done in this way, originally on my computer from downloaded photos.Now some are done directly with my iPhone. In addition to what’s an integral part of the devices… Android also… there are free (and minimally priced) Apps for video creation. AND Facebook, for those of you who use it, now offers the opportunity for creating videos.

Of course, there is also the video recorder on the mobile devices as well as digital cameras.  Some of my processes are detailed in the above-mentioned blog post.

By easily uploading to YouTube or Facebook you can share with others as well as watch your own videos for peace and relaxation. If you have not yet tried it, those of you on Facebook will discover how simple it is AND very quick to upload there.

Below is an image of the partial listing of 16 videos current in this playlist as I write here. To see the full playlist and watch the videos, tap or click on Slideshow Videos starting with Sunset Clouds.

http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com shares Section of Slideshow Videos Playlist on YouTube Some with YouTube music Because of my own excitement, I am considering doing a follow-up “live” group session on Easy Video Creation and Sharing in mid-January, where I can demo some of the above for you.

If you are interested in learning more, please tap or click on the Notify Me form and fill in your name and email address.

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Continuing on with the Slideshow Video conversation here, my BANANA SKY DVD video slide show with healing music is perfect for de-stressing. It plays continuously on a TV DVD recorder or on your computer. When I first created it, I found the result so relaxing, I made it available so others could experience it also. Again, see Banana Sky DVD page for preview and testimonials.

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Do you still need a GIFT for a Tech-Challenged Family Member or friend? I invite you to consider a Gift Certificate for Private Coaching on Your/Their Biggest Technical Challenges. See Coaching Gift Certificate or schedule a free 15- minute exploratory session at 15-minute Tech Challenge Exploration.

Again, Happy Holidays. Enjoy photographing and the time you spend connecting with those important to you.

Added special thoughts and blessings to those who may be going through some challenging times now.

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