Coming Soon – Through and From The Lens

At the end of a quick Zoom session where I had shown Marifran Korb a how-to on her website, she started speaking of videos I could be doing to promote the upcoming Through and From The Lens course. She said we could do one “right now”.  I, of course, said I wasn’t dressed for it, etc.  She said we both where fine. It was sharing what she got experiencing the course a few years ago.

In the Through and From The Lens course you practice using your eyes and camera to capture what you see in the moment.  This video is also a demo of capturing our speaking in the moment.

The 6-week program (not 8 weeks as mentioned  the “Notify Me” From the Lens page) will be starting in the latter part of September.  For more details on what will be  available for you in the course, tap or click on From the Lens. You’ll see the Notify-me button.

Providing your name and email address will ensure that you can be one of the 10 participants. Because the class is highly-interactive, one of the benefits, it needs to be limited in size. Tap or click on Notify Me.


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