Creativity and Play – Cloves of Garlic Talk

Clove of garlic waiting for answers

Hand on hip, facing us, or turned away? Perhaps our featured “lady” is waiting for an answer from you.

Will you be able to attend the live interview I will be doing with Jerry Downs, well-known photographer, tomorrow night… Monday, September 16th at 5:30 PM Pacific time/ 8:30 PM Eastern time on Zoom Video Conferencing. For details on how-to join see the link at the end of the post.

This interview promises to be rich with ideas as Jerry describes how he looks at the world with wonder and the love of looking as he connects with what captures his attention.

In a planning conversation, he said that when he is out walking he no longer looks for pictures. “I simply enjoy the act of looking. Not everything makes a good picture, but every is worthy of appreciation. If you can find yourself in a state of appreciation, pictures, synchronicities and magic are everywhere!”

What would it be like to be experiencing some of that, especially if you are not already doing so?

Now, back to the Garlic cloves… Perhaps you saw the image above in a totally different way. Several years ago, as I was separating cloves for mincing and using in a stir-fry meal, I saw two interestingly shaped cloves of garlic, fitting comfortably together.

I put them aside to photograph and ultimately, sporadically, photographed them in different ways over a period of several weeks.

In the photo above, I love the textures and the silkiness feeling. It is an enlargement of a segment of one of the cloves. Below is the original “eye-catcher” two cloves that started my discovery series. They are resting on a photo print of the enlarged segment.

More garlic photos, different perspectives starting with the same two cloves as seen above. All have, for me, many different interpretations.  I’d love for you to add yours in the comments.

The photo above shows the two original cloves, starting to sprout, after several weeks.  They are placed on a photo print.

Self-Reflecting Queries: 
For the next few days I invite you to find imagery that suddenly excites you and has you discover something, perhaps in the never-before-really-looked-at “mundane” things around you.

What does the experience open up for you?

Video Interview
with perhaps some new openings for you with yourself and/or your camera:

Again, I invite you to join me and photographer Jerry Downs on Monday night, September 16 at 5:30 PM Pacific/ 8:30 PM Eastern. For more details and explanations on accessing and setting up the one-time, easy Zoom download, Tap/Click REGISTER to get more explicit details, reminder of the time and a link to the replay.

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