A Dozen Roses – Sending love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate and a Love day to all, today and every day. Acknowledging the day, the 31-second “Dozen Roses” video on YouTube brings you love.

Amongst other things, roses have been considered symbolic of love, hope and new beginnings. Today this video is also acknowledging “new beginnings.”

  1. In upcoming posts it is my intention to send short emails focused on one or more of the three following elements:
    1 – Connection
    2 – Curiosity
    3 – Creativity

They are the three most important factors that have been identified in our staying young, or even in reversing aging. Although I’ve cringed at the term “aging”,  my 28-year old grandson, who is decades younger than I, pointed out that we all are “aging”, including him.

This past week,I looked through the dozen roses photos that, at times, I send, in a .zip file format, as a Thank You to someone who has been very helpful and/or on special occasions.  The link opens a folder with the 12 individual photos seen in the video.

Curiosity and Creativity kicked in I started wondering what the photos would look like in video format with music. I went on to easily create a video on my phone that had all the photos with added music and voiceover at the end.

Connection happened as I texted a friend sharing the video link. She responded. Then we went back and forth having fun masterminding as she gave her thoughts on length, music and title and as I made those and other changes.

More to follow on these elements in future posts, as stated above, along with my intention for including both inspirational photographs and tech tips, for those interested.

Curiosity and the desire to help kicks in now.

What would you most appreciate seeing and reading in future posts?
1 – Relationship conversations/tips?
2 – New perspectives conversations/tips?
3 – Tech tips? If so, in what areas?
4 – Other?

Please respond in the REPLY section below. Thank you.


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