Evernote Program

One of the Practical Tips for Writing in the Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs Kindle Book is to use Evernote program for your free-flow writing IF you are writing using a keyboard.

By using Evernote, whatever you write will be synced to all of your devices on which you have the free software program downloaded.

I also use Evernote Audio option within a note,  to record interviews, spontaneous notes to myself, shopping lists on my computer that I might want to have on my iPhone when I’m out shopping, middle-of-the-night badgering thoughts keeping me up  and much more.

Often if I stop and ask a person for directions, I’ll open up Evernote and record them so I can stop when need be and listen for what’s next on my route. And yes I do use one of the map programs for directions on my phone. It’s simply there are times I’ve still gotten lost, particularly in a community or neighborhood.

Then there are times when I’m walking and I meet someone who says something I want to remember. I will ask for permission to record then AND make note of their contact information.

Normally $47, I’m making available The Kickstart Guide to Using Evernote for only $17.  You can get it using the PayPal button below.