Eye (I) Catchers Gift

Get Expand Your Vision: Using Your Camera and Writing to Open Yourself Up to New Ways of Seeing Opportunities which includes “7 Eye (I) Catchers and Their Stories.”

One of the ways I recommend people can enrich their lives is by using their cameras for expanding “seeing”. Phone cameras are acceptable.  I remind myself regularly to stop and take photos of whatever catches my eye.

Whenever a funk surfaces I encourage myself and those whom I coach to take five photos of whatever catches your eye. Experience shows that this practices results in immediate release. The shift in focus often brings you into a new space.

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Eye (I) Catchers” are images that caught my eye. When downloaded and viewed, they sparked my imagination further, so I wrote. Often the stories revealed something to me about myself, thus the “I” in the title. I invite you to look at them with your own eyes and see what opens up for you.

As part of this gift, you will receive 7 additional photos spread out over a two week period so you can create your own stories or use them to simply free-flow write and see what comes out.

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Sheila Finkelstein, Shifting Perspectives Mentor