Where is your Focus? on the Big Picture or the Parts?

Over the years, we’ve talked about Focus in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life now. In preparing for this issue, several ideas had been running around in my head and I hadn’t taken action yet. Then I got a delivery of flowers for my birthday from my beloved son, daughter-in-law and grandsons in another state.

http://Treasureyourlifenow.com - Candy stripe lily bud straight onThe “focus” idea came to me.  “Where would I/we find the most richness… in the overview of the whole bouquet, or in the individual flowers?”

What adds to the interest for me is that these flowers, “Candy Stripe Lilies,” are new to me AND most of the flowers in the bouquet are still in bud stage. Being more lengthy buds than the flowers I’ve usually photographed, I’m interested to see what develops.


http://Treasureyourlifenow.com - Candy stripe lily bud longIt will also be interesting to see this seemingly pink flower turn into something different. So certainly looking at the parts intrigues me.

What happens when I/we look at the full picture?


http://Treasureyourlifenow.com - Candy stripe lilies bouquet mostly budsWhen I look at the full picture my eye gravitates to the parts. In the above photo I notice the “zebra” striping in the vase. I wonder if anyone else will notice it and be disturbed with it. It seems I’m most often thinking of the other person first or is it about my “looking good.”  I, of venetian blinds in the red vase… an easy fix if I want for future photographs.

Self-Reflecting Queries
So now we come to you. I invite you to take on the “Where is My Focus” query in your life… in your visual world and in your internal world.
Is it the big picture or individual parts?  Does it differ when you look at what’s around you in your physical space from what happens in your internal space… your mental thoughts, planning, etc.? Or is it analogous?

Might becoming more aware of this help you move you forward in your life?  Or perhaps simply accepting who you are… your style.

Relationship Tip 

Keep in mind as you are noticing more how you view your worlds… in parts or as a whole… those people with whom you are communicating might be seeing things totally differently. It always pays to check with them on what their perspectives are.


Please share any of your experiences, as you read today’s issue, in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this post.


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Where is your Focus? on the Big Picture or the Parts? — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sheila. Impressive floral photo and your question of what we see.
    The unopened bud got my attention
    as it was a tiny opening surrounded by two buds.
    My focus in life is openings to look within as well as be surrounded by others as a support.

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