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Burden to Blessing book featured on http://TreasureYourLifeNow.comFrom Burden to Blessing: 31 Days to Start Transforming Caregiving and Life – eBook package by Ina Gilmore, MD who “lived it…”

Dr. Gilmore’s years of experience both as a professional and a family caregiver led her to the 10 Simple Steps that Can Transform Your Caregiving using her A HEART PLAN™,  the step by step guide to transforming caregiving.To discover what they are, simply click or tap on the image on the left or on Transform Caregiving


Banana Sky DVD: Photography and Music for Relaxation and Balance for Caregivers on

Banana Sky DVDPhotography and Music for Relaxation and Balance
A compilation of photographs by Sheila Finkelstein of a growing banana plant from many perspectives including looking through the foliage to the open sky.

Five minutes of viewing the images on her computer magically released the anger and frustration from caregiving, restoring the love. Sheila then contacted Jeannie Fitzsimmons for use of her music in the background. The result – this 10.5 minute, endless loop of photographs and music on a DVD that plays in a computer or on a DVD player for the TV. Click or tap on the image on the left or on Banana Sky DVD to purchase.