What if, Simply by Using a Camera, you were able to:

Unleash your Creativity?

Have a new sense of Self-Confidence when making necessary decisions?

Experience Joy, Freedom and Play as you See New Perspectives in your life?

Yes, it is possible!
Find out how

Free Introduction to the Through and From The Lens Interactive Program

Overview plus Q & A with Creator/Facilitator Sheila Finkelstein

Wednesday Night – October 10th
8:00 PM to 9 PM – US Eastern time
(Click/tap on World Time to find time in your Geographic Location)

"What Will Seeing With New Eyes Do for Me?"

Let Past Participants tell you

Privacy Policy – Your name and information will never be passed onto any other individuals or 3rd party sources. You will also be instructed on how to keep your photos private, if you so wish, so no one outside of the class will see them. You also have the option to remove your photos once seen.

Questions? – email Sheila [at] TreasureYourLifeNow.com