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Through and From The Lens Program - Awakening Aliveness Seeing New Perspectives

What if, Simply by Using a Camera, you were able to:

Unleash Your Creativity?

Get Connected with Fresh Perspectives?

Experience Joy, Freedom and Play as You See Things in New Ways?

Sheila Finkelstein introduces the Through and From The Lens interactive program. She shares the experience of a past participant who took action on a dream he had for 11 years, never getting past the planning stage until he participated in this program.

A developing awareness of the transformative experiences of students and coaching clients when using cameras and learning to see with NEW EYES, in new ways, had me create the Interactive Through and From The Lens Course.

By taking this course you get to fully experience your own power and creativity.  As you observe what catches your eye and reflect on what’s most intriguing to you and others in the course, you get a new understanding of yourself and of others close to you. 

You will experience Enhanced Communication – Creativity – Relationships – Perspectives

What Will Seeing With New Eyes Do for Me?”

In Through and From The Lens you will: Achieve Focus and Connect with what’s important to you; experience more freedom in making decisions

  • Transform Your Relationship with yourself and others
  • Have things easily show up in your life, simply out of setting easy and fun intentions
  • Be inspired by your own discoveries and accomplishments as well as those of other participants
  • Have Renewed Energy as you move from the camera to other responsibilities
  • Feel Excitement as you play with discoveries you make as you newly “see” your world and yourself
  • Develop and reinforce your Creative Muscles so Solutions to challenges come more easily in ALL areas of your life.
  • Expand Your Listening with deeper communication in your relationships.

Past Participants share Transformations

Marifran Korb testimonial on Treasure Your Life Now - From The Lens“In Through and From The Lens, not only did I find an alternative to the State of Funk, a whole new world opened up for me. The biggest effect is that I see ‘ordinary’ things in a heightened way. It lightens my day to perceive myself and the world from a never-ending fountain of fresh perspectives.

I use the camera for being more at peace with myself and my world. When I use the camera I feel like I’m in charge and sometimes in life you’re not..  The camera helps me realize that a lot of the time what might be bothering me is the way I am looking at it.” 

Marifran Korb, Marifran


“Sheila has a keen eye for what is being processed inside the photographer as well is in the frame. She is kind and creative.

Ansel Adams said, ‘A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.’ Sheila looks deeply, and I am grateful for her insight and generous wisdom.”

Blaise Allen, Ph.D. Poet, Photographer


Suzanne Holman“I had the remarkable experience of being in a class with Sheila. I was feeling as though I didn’t have time for something as ‘frivolous’ as photography… a luxurious use of time. Was I ever surprised…

How energizing the class was! My creativity seemed to expand in all phases of my business! I found myself looking at everything in my life with new eyes.”

Suzanne Holman

from the lens - Julie Gabrielli photo testimonial

“Sheila’s gentle teaching opened up my inner eye in a way it had never been before.  I rarely (if ever) gave myself the gift of simply looking for its own sake at the simple details of my daily family life.”

Julie continued that she started taking photos of her young son in his darkened room while he slept. They became “precious records of a rare resting and vulnerable state.” 

The mantra ‘take your camera for a walk’ resulted in her son delighting in going along, “picking flowers and taking over the camera at times… These priceless moments are the true gift of the class. The striking, authentic photographs are simply a by-product.”

Julie Gabrielli,

Course Summary:
In this course, you will create new openings in your life as you discover and photograph things you’ve never before noticed.
You will likely be surprised and delighted as you explore:

Art Elements
– Color, Texture, Line, Shape and Space as seen through the camera lens
as well as in life. 

Technical Skills
– as requested and needed, and

Class Discussion
 that opens and expands a variety of perspectives, as does communicating with family and friends between sessions.

How this Course is Delivered:

The Through and From The Lens [TFTL] course takes place in 6 one-hour sessions over 6 weeks using the Zoom Video Conference Program on your computer, iPad or Android tablet, or your iPhone or other Smartphone.

Each week a different Art Element is explored using your eyes and camera. During the week you will photograph and post one or more relevant photos, plus others if you choose, in a private Facebook group.

In the class sessions we:

  • view the photos together;
  • talk about:
    • what others see;
    • the experiences you had; 
    • what you discovered in your world with your new way of seeing; 
    • what you learned about yourself;
    • and how that applies to other areas of our lives.  

You will also see how to take photographs you are proud to share on the walls in your home and/or office, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or on your Blog. AND most importantly you will learn to:

See Both Your Inner and Outer Worlds with New Eyes



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My Story:

from the lens - Sheila Finkelstein, Relationship Coach/Photographer/Artist/Writer

I first began using the camera when I taught art in the public schools, mainly to document events and student work. Ultimately the camera became one of my best friends. At times my healer.

Several years after my teaching career was ended, Sam, who had become afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, and I relocated. Our new home was very close to Wetlands preserves.  Taking daily walks with my camera, I discovered the healing powers of Nature, particularly in relation to what was going on with Sam and his illness. I purchased an inexpensive digital camera and my picture-taking accelerated and broadened. I started taking thousands of photos of whatever attracted my attention. 

Seeing the results and then getting acknowledged by others for them, began a whole new expansion of my self-image. It also freed me up to move in new directions, expand my computer and Internet knowledge, establish a web presence and sell my work. 

The joy in what I was seeing, learning and experiencing  became something I wanted others to have also. The teaching gene was still there. I started sharing in ezines and on the web. As more was demanded, I developed courses where the camera became the tool for people learning to see beyond what they took for granted.  Most of my readers and students started paying attention to what they had never even noticed before.

The Camera as a Key to Freedom when Feeling Stuck

Taking the pictures of “eye-catchers” became a tool for almost instant transformation in situations of stuckness, frustration, anger and more. Once the photos were downloaded into the computer, I often watched them in slide shows. Here, too, I experienced almost instant relief from stress and anger. 

Watching the transitioning photos was almost as healing as being out in nature. Realizing this led to my setting up a YouTube channel so others could also experience these benefits from short videos I started making

Creating Connections – Shifting Focus

After Sam died, the camera ultimately became my companion, my best friend, always with me. It became even closer to me after I got my iPhone. It provides instant access to “Getting out of a Funk.” Five “eye-catchers” will do it. 

“Eye-catchers” for me are often “faces” in trees, rocks, reflections, even switch-plate covers on the walls in my home, bubbles in a sink, shadows on the floor or ceiling. A shift in focus always occurs. The thoughts that batter around in my head disappear to make space for clarity and new or re-framed ideas.

Thus the camera has become a connector to myself as well as with other people as I encounter them. We walk, talk and share and there is no “right” or “wrong”.

My passion for seeing, creating and supporting others in doing the same while expanding their visual and sensory worlds has resulted in several iterations, including name changes, over the past 12 years of the Through and From The Lens interactive program. It thrills me now to read some of the transformational experiences of several past participants, as shared here, above and below this story.

Now to Your Story

If you were to start
seeing the world and yourself
with “New Eyes”,
what might Be Possible?

More from Past Participants

Adela Rubio has breakthrougs using her camera “I got a sense of play. I freed myself from rules and the limiting belief that I sucked at photography. Yet I posted pictures that had 40 something comments on Facebook…. 

Through the assigned “play dates” with my camera  I discovered things that even surprised me… It gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I can take pictures. Now I actually think about things like composition, which is hysterical for me.”  

Adela Rubio –


Morgine Jurdan testimonial - From the Lens in Treasure Your Life Now“In this class I learned there are many different ways of looking at Anything in my life, not just through the lens of a camera!!

I am more creative now and see more options in my personal and business life I never noticed before!

I learned how to easily Relax and Energize myself and sometimes transform my entire day! Doing your very easy and fun exercises, and sharing with other participants, ended up bringing more joy and ease into my daily life! Thank you SO very much!”

Morgine Jurdan,


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Jodi Jodette testimonial on From the Lens course in Treasure Your Life Now“What a great course. I felt lit up, energized and revitalized. ‘Inspiration’ is the word that comes to me. I saw the whole world anew.  I also loved seeing the world through other people’s eyes.

I’ve been taking pictures since I was 9 years old. In this course, I started noticing how my energy shifted when I had a camera in my hand, how excited I got. I was able to focus more. The course assignments gave me a heightened awareness of how to look at things.”

Jodi Flesberg Lilly –

from the lens - testimonial Tomar Levine

“As an artist, I’ve been in love with my camera for years. Yet in taking Sheila’s class I experienced a breakthrough. I started taking 20-minute jaunts with my camera, on breaks between appointments.

This quick plunge into looking and seeing is exhilarating, makes me feel more alive and joyful in minutes. I now take my camera with me everywhere for impromptu infusions of energy and inspiration.

Sheila also challenged me to expand my habits of seeing with her creative assignments. I realized I’d fallen into ruts of the familiar. Her class had me engage with the world more intimately and with constant curiosity. Using my camera is the quickest way I know of stepping out of my everyday consciousness into the freshness of the here and now.”

Tomar Levine,


from the lens - Lynn Ward testimonial“Your class was one of the beautiful things I did for myselflast year. I still brighten up to think of getting my camera out. Now when I’m stuck or need a change of pace, I take a photography break. 

It’s amazing how much playing with colors and shapes and new ways of looking at the world energizes me. Sheila also gave me a lot more confidence about my photography and made it easy to learn how to share it.”

Lynn Ward

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Special Bonuses

1- Time Sensitive – 30-Minute Phone Consultation – Coaching session with Sheila on looking at your photos to further understand what you might learn from them, applicable to issues you may be dealing with in your life. Alternatively, this time may be used to discuss technical aspects of using your camera and the web. (This offer is good for up to 90 days after course completion, or June 2016) – Value: $902 – Guide – How to Use Zoom to Video Record and Connect with Family, Friends and Business Associates – Share your photos and videos – Value: $17

3 – The Red Onion Story: Peeling Away the Layers of an Onion, Analogous to Peeling Away the Layers of Ourselves.” Photographs and words describing experiences of peeling a red onion, the processes and the parallels to other life behaviors. At the conclusion of the story, there are “Self-Reflecting Queries” giving you the opportunity to look directly at your own life in a unique, alternative way. – Value: $17 

 4 – MIAMI REFLECTIONS Video, with music. More than 150 photos in downtown Miami, mainly of window reflections that appear as abstract paintings. Use for inspiration and or relaxation. Downloadable MP4 or viewable on the web. – Value: $27 

 5 – Downloadable Recorded Interview with Rufina James, author of MASTER YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA – You will learn “The secret (and never-before-discussed) techniques for unlocking nature’s beauty in your photographs.”  

You will also learn how to capture the essence of your subject; the three critical rules to developing your “inner eye”; how to take powerful and meaningful photos; how a Quantum Physics discovery can radically change the way you take photographs and add joy to your life; why utilizing your right brain opens up powerful new perspectives – Value: $27 

 6 – Video slide show with more than 50 photos of CHIHULY GLASS ART from an Exhibit at Fairchild Gardens in Miami, FL. Experience how Dale Chihuly, famous glass artist, interpreted spaces in Nature, then created and incorporated glass sculptures to accent and/or blend in. – Value: $17 

 7 – Downloadable Recorded Interview with Dewitt Jones, internationally acclaimed NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer and keynote speaker – Hear a master of creativity discuss celebrating life, seeing, creativity, going beyond boundaries and much more. – Value: Priceless 

Downloadable Recorded Interview with Jerry Downs, photographer and writer whose work has been featured in books, magazines and museums around the world. He has given talks and led seminars on a wide range of subjects. One of the points stressed in this interview is the importance of emotional contact, the “conversations” he has with his subjects (human and non-human), and the importance of paying attention to things you’ve never seen before. – Value: Priceless 9 – Video Recordings of all Classes10 – Additional PDF Guidelines as needed as course progresses


from the lens - Sheila Finkelstein, Relationship Coach/Photographer/Artist/Writer

Sheila Finkelstein Photographer, Writer, Relationship Coach

Minimal technical “knowledge” or expertise is required. The connections with what’s important to you occur as you look through your viewfinder and focus on your subject.

In addition to an expanded view of your world as a result of this program, with a few camera pointers, as well as basic design tips, you will be creating memorable photos.

You will have the freedom to also take countless pictures and see how they relate to your life and way of being. 


Unleash Your Creativity
Get Connected with Fresh Perspectives
Transform your relationship with yourself and others

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Through and From The Lens Course


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  • Audio and Video Recordings of all sessions.
  • Additional Bonuses – valued at over $200

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