Celebrating Holidays and Yourself – Mixed Emotions


Sending Light and Beauty for the Holidays and Beyond

Happy Easter, Passover, or any other Holiday you might be celebrating this week.  In addition to its being a celebratory time for huge numbers of people, holidays often bring up feelings of sadness and feelings of aloneness for many other people.

It is my intention in this post to invite each of you to take time to acknowledge and CELEBRATE yourself…no matter which of the above categories describe your state right now. 

Consider past memories as well as current times:
• a positive behavior.
• a connection you nurture or have in the past.
• a connection who values you and your contribution to him or her.
• way(s)you are creative and/or … fill in the blanks.  

You might consider writing a letter to yourself.
Dear [your name],
I celebrate/acknowledge your….

Lastly, I invite you, if it fits, to go back into your past to connect with, and acknowledge, someone with whom you’ve not been in touch for several or more years.  It will likely make a difference for them and for you.

A few hours before Passover started on Wednesday I received a text message from a non-Jewish virtual friend, and former client, many years ago. She, from California, was remembering a Seder she and another virtual friend from Virginia attended at my home in Florida 16 or more years ago.   The last connection she and I had was a very brief one on LinkedIn a couple of years ago.  

In our text-versation she acknowledged me in several ways, bringing tears to my eyes. Her act had me then reach out to another friend who remembered who attended a Seder in our home in NJ, 21 or more years ago.  It’s been years since we’ve connected AND I found and sent her a message on LinkedIN.

Both of these situations and memories made a huge difference for me.  If you take any of the above suggestions on, I’d love to hear from you in LEAVE A REPLY/Comments below.


Celebrating Holidays and Yourself – Mixed Emotions — 2 Comments

  1. What an uplifting newsletter/blog, Sheila. I’m the caregiver for my 98 year old husband; he’s doing pretty well but has short-term memory loss which makes some days difficult. He’s still very active, drives a short distance to the Senior Center to have lunch and play pool with his friends, so I am very thankful for that. He has no real health issues which is also a blessing. I am thankful for all the years we’ve shared; we talk about memories, family, travels, etc.

    We are not Jewish but have many Jewish friends. One Easter season, our Methodist minister gathered ones who were interested to come to a Seder. He asked a Jewish Rabbi friend to attend and explain the meaning. It was wonderful and I will always remember that night.

    Thank you for your wonderful messages in each blog.

  2. Thanks so much for your sharing, Barbara… about your husband, your various Holiday experiences, your interest in having learned more about Passover and your overall acknowledgment of this blog and my shares.

    To continued love and positive experiences for both you and your husband in his journey and yours.

    With great appreciation and love, Sheila

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