How do You Get Past Stuckness?

I recently wrote that I would be going through the 650 plus issues of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now published in the last 10 years and feature some of your and my favorite photos and queries.

Presumably, because I’ve been immersed in Vegetables and Fruit photos for the past month or so, putting together a Stock Photo Package for sale, I was almost immediately drawn to an issue with sliced mushrooms on my cooktop. See Vol 6 – Issue 9.

At the time I wrote the issue, my eye had been caught by the expressive faces I saw when I cut a mushroom in half. I started smiling immediately as two of them instantly showed up. Despite the fact the faces were not particularly happy ones, I couldn’t help laughing at the irony of how quickly, it seems, I see “faces.” Interestingly they might have been expressing my own mood at the time.

hidden image within a mushroom - cropped

Fast forward to the other day. My monologue voices had been giving myself a hard time for things I hadn’t done. And all I wanted was some comfort.

Once I got out of my head and looked around, I found release… an image/woman surrounded and protected in a space that’s almost a heart. Soft, warm and flowing, she’s facing sideways or perhaps forward, with her back to us, expectantly into the future.

Or so states the story, I am making up. What do you see? What story can you tell?

And, if you haven’t guessed, I saw my new friend in a mushroom (below). Of course, I went for my camera and took several pictures of her sitting on/in the side we see on our left.

What about the side on our right? Can you come up with more stories? And for the whole image, what might you say?

Mushroom where I saw hidden woman
Self-Reflecting Queries
In the 2010 isssue, I wrote what can also be applied here:

“I was “stuck” …, so I went for my camera. The latter, as you more than likely know, is one of my main tools, and “prescriptions”, for quickly shifting moods and perspectives.

What “tools” or methods do you use for creating state changes for yourself?

In addition to simply cutting into a vegetable and then taking pictures, I went into creative mode by locating, positioning, and repositioning my subject matter.

I became attuned to the differences by changing points-of-view.

When you are in “stuck” situations, do you remember to look at them from different angles? And, in relation to this issue’s photos, do you remember to really narrow in on pieces of what might be going on.

Lastly, are you aware of the number of ways in which you shift into creativity to make a difference for yourself?

Please take a few minutes and share the story or stories that came up for you with the mushroom photos. Also we’d love to hear your methods for getting past “stuckness.”

Have fun and please post in the your responses in the Leave a Reply section below.

An Opportunity
The Vegetables and Fruit Stock Photo package, mentioned at the beginning of this article is comprised of 100 photos. I put it together for people who are using photos in their businesses for websites, blog posts, mailings and specialty products, including shirts, hats, mugs, calendars, stationery, cards and other small items. Does this fit for you.

In any case, I invite you to check out the page to see the thumbnail images of the photos. Even if you are not in a business that would use them, you might appreciate having the vegetables and fruits to use in a variety of other ways, perhaps adding to your decor.

Click on 100 Photos Vegetables and Fruit to see what’s there.


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  1. The little “thing” at the top inside the cavity looks like a baby crocodile to me. But the whole thing looks very ethereal to me, like getting past the physical to the spiritual. In fact, the cavity looks like a meditation cave. Love your photos!

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