Is your past holding you back?

Have you ever noticed that, or how, your past might be holding you back?  Your thoughts about one or more situations? Things you thought you did well, or exceeded, in. Then you fear you can’t do the same or better?

Radiating sunrise over Delray Beach oceanA Pair of Lorikeets Communicating

I have been in that space for quite a while. In this ultimately transformational, yet stuck, process I’ve neglected communicating here in regular posts. Most importantly now, I’ve neglected to share the following:

I am excited to announce that I am reframing my business, focusing on putting all of the pieces together and serving as your Communication and Connection Coach.

The “past” part of what’s added to my procrastination is the wealth of content I have developed in the over 700 issues of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now that I’ve delivered in emails and posted on changing blogs during the last 16 plus years.

I’d been thinking that I could easily be repurposing a lot of what’s been written. Then I got and allowed myself to stay stuck and in overwhelm“Where do I start?” was one of the biggest traps.

Now that I’ve gotten past the hurdle, I am asking for your help so that I can speak and write about what I do as a Communication and Connection coach in the language used by those by those I serve..

Please see the end of this post for my feedback request

• • • • • • • • • •

Question: At this point you might be wondering, “What does the photo of the Lorikeets have to do with all of this?”

Answer: When I finally let go of my “need” find relevant past ezines to repurpose in mailings and blog posts, the subject title for this email popped into my head.

Always curious, I took an action that synchronistically had the above pair of Lorikeets, seemingly engaged in conversation, show up in an issue from several years ago.

How fitting, since the main intention of this post was to bring you up-to-date on my reframed business as a Communication and Connection coach… the photo was/is, when interpreted, the perfect representation for it!

The tips in the discovered post were also exact and fitting. They were/are about relationships.

Watch for my next post.  I will fill you in on the key Relationship Tips that went with the Lorikeets’ story

Bottom Line:  There are creative ways, unique to each individual, that will be discovered and used to find answers to my clients’ perceived challenges as we work together. Effective communication in relationships is key.

• • • • • • • • • •

My Request: I would very much appreciate your responding to this post in the comments below. 

If you’ve been a follower for some time, what personal challenges might you have had that Photos and Self-Reflecting queries have helped you with.

Also it will be most helpful, if you would share with me what problems/challenges you think you and your peers might be having in communication and/or connecting with self and others important to you/them.

It is NOT my intent to contact you personally in relation to what you share. I simply want the information to aid me in planning, focusing, and marketing

Perhaps they are:

  • Feelings of isolation?
  • Disconnection?
  • Not being listened to?
  • Been told that you are the one not listening?
  • Seemingly dead-end disagreements?
  • Not sure what to do next?
  • Other….?

Just today, after I helped someone with a seemingly simple challenge, I received a spontaneous message:

Once again, Sheila Finkelstein has all the answers, even to unasked, but should-be-asked questions!”

What questions might you be asking me? What are you asking yourself?

In summation:
Please reply to this post in the Leave a Reply section below, with answers to any of the above or feedback you care to give and, perhaps, a list of one or more problems/challenges in communication and connection of which you are aware.

I greatly appreciate your participation.

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