Joy in Observing an Orange Peel Drying and Curling

Recently an orange peel caught my eye. It became my #eyecatcher photo series over a several day period, as I observed and followed the peel as it began curling as it dried up.

Initially, in its flat form, it simply caught my my eye as it lay flat on the  dish after I had eaten the orange itself. I set it aside and was surprised to see how it started curling up. At that point I grabbed my phone camera and started observing and photographing daily for a few days.

Part of the fun and joy for me came out of looking at it from different perspectives. I began to see different fun images and interpretations in each of the photos.

Pink Tropical Water lily

What stories can you make up about the above images? What might they be saying to you?

I expected more intrigue at some point when I put it in water. Hydration is likely to create other interesting shapes and the opportunity to make up stories about it.

For those of you open to it, “kitchen fantasies”, from observing fruits and vegetables as you cut them, can occur frequently.  I invite you to photograph what you see and, at times, put a slice or a chunk aside to observe changes over a few days.  Keep photographing and have fun sharing the photos and stories with family members, friends, children and grandchildren.

Always, before sharing your stories, ask your audience what they see!

• • • • • •

Moving away from all the joy in seeing and photographing “eye-catchers”, and sometimes creating videos from them, even adding music, there is, for me, the joy of connecting with family members and friends on Zoom, as well as the joy and satisfaction I get from teaching.

Much of the joy I get is from using various bits of technology I’ve taught myself over the years for easily connecting AND HAVING FUN creating, particularly with my iPhone.

Watch for an upcoming Workshop in which I will be teaching, and we will be working together creating simple videos with your “eye-catcher” photos, sharing your stories, leaving your legacy.

In the meantime, What are some of your joys?


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