Language of Love – A Camera and Photographs

This post is the content emailed to subscribers of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your LifeNow.  I stated, “I’m starting this with ‘Dear’ rather than my usual “Hi…” because part of the intention of this email is to express my gratitude to you, this Thanksgiving, for allowing me to be in your life.

My gratitude, especially to those of you who have been a subscriber for 19 years (in two weeks!!  December 9, 2004 marks the launch of Picture to Ponder. It’s interesting for me to read that my mission, in fact, has remained the same.Tap/click on Issue One to read more.

It’s also a reminder that your receptivity is part of what validates my recent discovery, my signature “story”.

In life for the past 60 plus years a Camera and the Photographs have been “The Language of Love.” They were an integral part of my beloved Sam’s and my life throughout our years of marriage and has continued to be since his death 16 years ago. Many of you went through that process with me.


Curiosity – Connection – Creativity = Staying Young

All of my Photos and Self-Reflecting queries where aimed at inspiring you to see things in new and different ways and believe in yourselves and of those around you. (For this issue, my intuition is telling me to leave the “self-reflecting queries” up to you to create for yourself.)

I thus invite you all, whether celebrating Thanksgiving, or not…Use your camera to focus in on things you’re seeing in other people’s facial expressions, body positions and moreColors, images, shapes in food being prepared, on your plate.. wherever… Anything in your surroundings.

One CAUTION… do not do this while someone is talking to you, expecting you to be listening, UNLESS you pause and ask their permission.

I’m realizing how much your having been and being a “forum,” so-to-speak, for my self-expression through my photos, what I’ve seen,  and my suggested queries for you, have contributed to my realization that the camera and photographs are/can be “the Language of Love,” furthering joint meaningful communication.

Questions on the photos, or anything else, are welcome, if you have any. Simply post them in the Reply section at the bottom of thisblog post.

With deep love, gratitude, and appreciation for your contribution to my life and to those of others whom we’ve had an impact on

Sheila Finkelstein, Shifting Perspectives Guide


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