Lesson from an Alstroemeria Stem – Strength and Beauty in Bonding Together

As I scanned through some of the issues of Picture to Ponder over the years, I came across the following Alstroemeria photo and story. A bit later the second photo caught me eye. That’s a totally different story I’ll share in the next issue of Treasure Your Life Now/Picture to Ponder.


Purple alstroemeria clump of 5 Purple Alstroemeria against a black backdrop to bring out the colors

In looking for a photo to feature in an issue several years ago, a bouquet of Alstroemeria flowers that I had purchased from a local supermarket caught my attention. Of the several photos I took, I wrote that I was attracted by the rhythmic motion that I saw in this particular view.

I continued on stating that the central flower had a subtle inspiring upbeat to it with the one noticeable curved stamen. I offered it, then and now, to cheer you on to a great week.

As I looked closely at the flowers, I noticed, at the time, that each of the flowers needed the other to hold them together.  I stopped my writing to go look all of the six stems of alstroemeria, in two different arrangements,  gracing our home then.

Each single stem had five flowers on it. Wow! I’d been buying and enjoying alstroemeria for years and I’d never paid close enough attention to notice this. One strong stem with five parts creates the statement.

And, as I write now, over 13 plus years later, I am aware that I totally forgot that observation, despite continuing to frequently purchase and enjoy alstroemeria flowers.

Who or where in your life are the people or projects holding together the significant parts? The components might be at different stages of opening, as the flowers above, and can you see the importance of each to the whole?

Also, are there things or people in your life that you really appreciate and may, simply, be taking forgranted?

I invite you to stop, look closely from many angles and see what new you might find, something you may never have seen before

NEXT ISSUE – More Alstroemeria – Totally Different Story –
Overcoming Resistance/Results
White and Purple Alstroemeria Blended using Photoshop ElementsIf you can’t wait and want to read the story now, tap/click on the image to get to the issue in the archives.

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Lesson from an Alstroemeria Stem – Strength and Beauty in Bonding Together — 3 Comments

    • Thanks so much, Susan. I love your having picked up on the five and imaged the five of us.

      I’m sending an email to each of the others, given I’m assuming they likely will
      not see your comment.

      Most appreciatively,

    • I was thinking about the women who held me together too and our writing! I SO CHERISHED the years we spent together just in the flow of whatever happened.Any feelings, sharing, emotions, whatever was always welcomed. I will always remember that and hold you dear in my heart as well!! Love always, Morgine

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