Peace and Tranquility from Tropical Water Lilies

pint tropical water lily
Lavender tropical water lily

In the last posting of Treasure Your Life Now, I promised you more regular mailings.  I stated that we would be revisiting some of the favorite past issues of Picture to Ponder.
These Tropical Water Lilies in a pond at the Four Arts Gardens in Palm Beach, FL were first shared in Picture to Ponder on Photography and Transformation in November of 2008.

The intent of the photos, then and now, is meant to offer peace and tranquility, especially as I complete having dental work done in Costa Rica and prepare to return home.

The upper pink tropical water lily feels particularly serene to me, far more so than the more active photo which you can see by clicking on Water Lily Scene.

In the lower photo, the underwater roots of the purple water lily seem to lead our eyes right up to the top photo. Thus I positioned it here. You can see the water lily root system in the Scene photo linked to above.

My first experience of a purple tropical water lily was several years ago in the American Orchid Society’s gardens. At that time I did a photo/drawing of one of the images and it’s available in my Nature Art Gift Shop on pillows, tiles and other home decor items. See Purple Tropical Water Lily gifts.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Six years later, I find the Queries I asked then still valid.  My life has gotten even busier and I expect the same may be true for you.

Therefore, I invite you to look into your life to see:

1. What kinds of images, or experiences, provide a sense of calm for you?

2. Have you made note of these so that you can instantly access one or more when you have the need?

3. In addition to the images, walking, and photographing, I was reminded and experienced those several years, that by completing a long, overdue, self-generated project, I would have a sense of peace and well-being. That, too, continues to hold true.

And Right Nowin the Moment:

Is there any place in your life right now where something is “hanging” over you, awaiting your completing it? If so, I invite you to “gift” yourself peace by taking some time for that completion.

Please share what brings you peace and tranquility in the “Leave a reply” section below.

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