Rhythm and Flow – Viewing Life in New Ways

My being has been telling me to return to publishing Treasure Your Life Now blog post on a regular basis, to establish a new rhythm and flow (see story in “Today’s Photo” below for the connection)

lines and textures in orange hibiscus flower close-upPhoto is © Sheila Finkelstein, originally marked as eteletours.com the site it was on

As I’ve been going back over photos and queries in issues over the past 14 plus years, the view of the photo above grabbed my attention.  What I wrote in that issue 118 in June 2005 follows: 

Closing in on a portion of an hibiscus.

I planned to give you the full view of the hibiscus that beckoned me to photograph it as I glanced out my dining room window. The next day, when I selected the photo, I started studying it to see what it was that caught my attention. 

Orange Hibiscus photo by Sheila Finkelstein http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com

There was the color and its delicacy and definitely the rhythm and the flow in the shadows, textures and the edges of the petals. I, then closed in on it with the cropping tool and liked the resulting overall image. 


Have as light and flowing a week and weekend as this hibiscus section suggests, filled with soft and gentle color…bright colors, also, for those of you who wish them.


Pay attention to what catches your eyes this next week.

Is there a rhythm and flow to what you are looking at? Is it one that appeals to you?

As I write, the different and many jumpy elements I’ve recently created in my life are cropping up for me.

Why not,” I suggest to myself, “try on creating the rhythm and gentleness of this flower for the next few days?”
I will!

Is there a visual in your life, or perhaps an auditory piece, that you can find that you can use as a symbol to match what you would like to be achieving?

If these photos, story and suggestions moved you to take on something new for you, or you have other observations or comments, please leave your comment below this post.

As always, stay open to shifting perspectives, enriching your life.





Rhythm and Flow – Viewing Life in New Ways — 18 Comments

  1. Just yesterday I wrote some Remi quotes in the front of a Dream Journal where I jot down desires, ideas, dreams and so on….. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” “Wear appreciation like a cloak and it will feed every area of your life.” “What you seek is seeking you.”

    I looked at your flower and was SO amazed at its Beauty, Delicacy, Intricate Nature, Sensuousness, Loving Kind Vibrations emanating from it.This IS something I really LOVE! It was as it were reaching out from the page and embracing me with it’s precious infinite love! It is difficult to imagine such an Incredible Work of Art emerging from a small seed! Even the most incredible technological creations of our age, pale in comparison to what emerges so beautifully from within Nature every single moment of every single day!

    This flower spoke to me of this truth and how it truly impacts every moment of my life, whether I am aware of it or not. It feeds our environments, just like the sun, the rain, the water, the moon’s glow more than we could ever imagine. THANK YOU for this beautiful reminder from this precious, incredible creation you captured with your Loving Eyes on that special day! Its Beauty and Message live on through your sharing your stunning photography with all of us!

  2. Sheila, I loved reading your message and enjoying the beauty of the hibiscus!
    I am at a critical point in my life…..finding who I am today, visualizing where I headed. I know the perfect image will come to mind. Thank you for your inspiration! Love to you, Sheila!

    • Thanks so much for your authentic and acknowledging response, Suzanne. I addition to waiting for the perfect image coming to your mind, I suggest that you take a walk in Nature simply with the intent that what you need will show up. One of my favorite quotes:”‘If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.” Raymond Inmon Sending love back to you!

  3. Sheila, what a wonderful surprise to find your TYLN newsletter in my inbox this evening <3 As our lives ebb and flow I know we will ALL benefit from your recommittment both to Yourself, and, to us, your Readers!

    This peach Hybiscus in one of my favorites – I particularly enjoyed spotting the dots in both photos. They are totally unexpected and a treasure – just as life should be!

    Looking forward to new photos and your insights as well as revisiting some of your "oldies".

    Blessings, Love and much Gratitude!


    • Thanks so much, RS. I appreciate the acknowledgment and your sharing of your own experience and unexpected discoveries. In my Morning Pages writing this morning one of the things that came onto the paper from my pen and subconscious is part of my mission is to lead people into the “magic of discovery!” Blessings and love back at you, Sheila

  4. Welcome back Sheila. Your presentation of a world filled with and love are welcome. The world needs more of these reflections in order to overcome all the negativity in the world What the world needs now is love.

    • Thanks so much, Dolly. I appreciate your “welcome back” and I love reading your statement “Your presentation of a world filled with and love are welcome”. It reinforces for me the subconscious part of my mission. I very much appreciate your total share. To Love and Peace, Sheila

  5. I was delighted to receive your email today, Sheila, and to see you revive the spirit of Picture to Ponder. The colour of the hibiscus spoke to me as I have a rose in my garden in a very similar shade of apricot. It’s one of my favourite roses. By happy accident it got planted beside a pale orange heuchera which gets covered in frothy light pink flowers just as the rose season begins. I have a beautiful photo of the two plants side by side which invariably lifts my spirits and your photo reminded me of it, giving me a warm inner glow. So this week I’m going to try on (great phrase!) the feeling that we don’t have to engineer everything for it to be good – left to it’s own devices sometimes the universe throws us a happy coincidence which far surpasses any plans we might have imagined.

    • Thanks so much for responding here. “…the spirit of Picture to Ponder” gives me something to reflect on in terms of my mission. I’ve made note of it to do some free flow writing on… “The spirit of Picture to Ponder is….”

      I also very much appreciate your sharing of your own experiences and what this issue has contributed to you!

  6. As we look at this beautifully delicate flower we understand how we need to appreciate life more in the moment and all the beauty it has in store. Thank you

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