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Using the iPhone Camera for
Self-Portraits and Black and White Conversions
a Way of Getting Comfortable with Oneself

This page was put together as part of a requested article, "Celebrating Owning Ourselves: A Reflection with Photos". The article is on the Treasure Your Life Now blog.

One of the most necessary ingredients in having a treasured relationship with another is having one with yourself. Loving yourself is the grounding for both giving and receiving love.

The camera, especially one that can easily face you to take self-portraits, is a fun and, ultimately, simple way of being comfortable with yourself as you take more and more pictures. It is also a way you can express love to and receive it from your partner.

Allowing yourselves to be in the energy of the moment(s), using the camera as the focal tool to experience one another, can provide exquisite moments and lasting memories. The trick is to be with each other, or whatever you are doing, rather than intent on the camera.

Examples of photos I took with my iPhone are below. See the Story for my discoveries out of this process.

Searching - Wondering

Sheila - portrait 6 Sheila - portrait 12
Sheila - portrait 7

Sheila - portrait 8
Sheila - portrait 9
Sheila - portrait 10


Sheila - portrait 2
Sheila - portrait 1
Sheila - portrait 3


Sheila - portrait 14
Sheila - portrait 13
Sheila - portrait 4

Playing with Multiple Images of Self - Focus

Sheila - portrait 16
Sheila - portrait 15
Sheila - portrait 18

Listening on the Phone – Writing the Story

Sheila - portrait 5
Sheila - portrait 5


Photography and Writing ©2012-13 Sheila Finkelstein