Shifting Directions – What’s Possible as Seen with a Bottle Palm Tree Frond

Today’s photos relate to perspective shifts and the changes in feelings as we shift directions.  The poetic words flowed spontaneously and unexpectedly a few years ago as I played with the images.

Powerful leaves
Diagonally strong
Directed where?
Into an abyss or
A whole new world of opportunity?

I appreciate your strength and
Your different points of view.

Turn the photo 180 degrees and
I want to sleep,
Lulled by your gentle movement 

Turn it once again at 90 degrees
And I want to party.
It’s the feeling of the rhythm of what
Now appears to be one side of
Your head of long hair. 

This is the normal way you are seen.

Shall I keep this view,
Making a party statement on life?
Or shall I go for the power and direction
In picture number one? 

Self-Reflecting Queries

What occurred with these photos is the reminder that simple shifts in perspective may suggest different options to us. All it took was to turn the photo once and then once again.

How wonderful it is that life does offer us so many options and opportunities to change in any moment, simply by shifting our view points – perspectives.

I invite you to look at your life. Are there places right now, where shifting points of view might present new opportunities for you? If so, continue to play with it.

Note also, that in the examples above it was focusing in on a portion of the original source…a section of the tree shown in the fourth photo. From there came the variations.

Have fun with this.  If you want to see it poetry comes from you, simply, without a plan, do free flow writing, jotting down words that show up for you as you look and an image or images that caught your eye.

And if something new comes up for you from these photos and queries, or your own, please share your observations and comments in the “Reply” section under this post.


Shifting Directions – What’s Possible as Seen with a Bottle Palm Tree Frond — 2 Comments

  1. It is late and so I just FELT the pictures as I sat with each one.

    The first one was like the Wing of a Bird spread out and diving into the water after a fish perhaps?

    The second one, pretending I did not know what it was, felt Mysterious, as if I wanted to follow the green lanes into the shadow to find out where they were leading?

    The third one felt like the Wing of a Bird sunning itself like the Condor or Vultures do in the sun, drying their wings.

    The last one reminded me of a Woman Dancing the Salsa! Bright and gay energy!

    Off to bed!! Thanks for the New Perspectives! That was my Favorite part of the class I think! I now lay on the ground sometimes and take photos of flowers and other things with the sky as the background! It is really cool and fascinating to see things from … well maybe an Insect’s Point of View!

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