The Wonder of Looking and Sharing – Jerry Downs Interview Coming Up

Different Perspectives Rear view of Pansies

The colors and the flow of lines and shapes in the above photo called to me. Does it matter what it’s a photograph of?  In my total appreciation of it, I did not even need to know what the images were.

What about you?  How do you respond?

This photo is one shared on Facebook by Jerry Downs, Photographer, whom I had the privilege of interviewing 7 years ago. After listening to the audio again, appreciating the richness of what he shared about the wonders of looking and much more, I invited him to join me in another interview.

In the 2012 interview, Jerry said “a great picture is one that elicits an emotional response. If it doesn’t have the emotional contact it doesn’t have the soul.”  This is definitely what I feel when looking at the above photo [a view from behind two pansies!]

Jerry agreed to join me again this upcoming Monday night, September 16 at 5:30 PM Pacific/ 8:30 PM Eastern time in a Zoom Video conferencing room.  As he and I talk, you will be able to see Jerry and some of his photos about which we’ll talk. [tap/click here to get the join, or replay, details]  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

He will be talking about the wonder and love of LOOKING, even when not using a camera. And he will be elaborating on that based on his years of experience as a professional photographer and a human being.

In our recent conversation Jerry stated, “When I go out into the world to take pictures, I no longer look for pictures. I simply enjoy the act of looking.  Not everything makes a good picture, but everything is worthy of appreciation.

If you can find yourself in a state of appreciation, pictures, synchronicities and magic are everywhere!”

Wouldn’t you like to be experiencing some of that, especially if you are not already doing so? If so, how might that change you life?

Self-Reflecting Queries
For the next few days, at least, I invite you to look around you with “new eyes” as you walk… in your home and/or outside.

What are the images that you start noticing catch your eyes?

What is it you most appreciate about what you see when you look around you?

Is there a pattern to them?

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