Who Me? An Eye Opening Observation and Comment!

In the last post here I shared a photo of my shadow, seemingly tall and thin. I wrote when the “eye-catcher” shadow caught my eyes : “I immediately straightened up and my body instantly felt and reflected the power that I saw in my stance.”

Synchronistically, today I had a flashback of an experience, 6 or 7 years ago. It occurred a few months after starting to work with a 94-year old client on simple technology, using her iPhone and then an iPad also…my recommendation as an alternative to the public computer. Anne wanted to be regularly connecting with those people in her life who were important to her. This was very important to her family also.

Again, a few months after we started together, she spontaneously made the following comment: “When I first saw you, I thought, ‘Who is this little woman? How is she going to be able to help me?'”

My mind immediately went to, “Who, me, a little woman?? Impossible!” Granted I was likely only 5 feet in height at that point, 2 inches shorter than a few years before. I was also slightly overweight.  As I listened to Anne, I was immediately transported back to that first  time when I entered the large recreation hall room in the Assisted Living Facility in which she lived.  The table at which she and her son, who had hired me, were sitting was off in the seeming distance.

Although I do not have a photo of it, I can still visualize it in my mind. I felt intimidated by the unknown of the space and unsure of where we would work, what we would be doing. I likely let the 2 bags I was carrying with my phone and note books drag me down, resulting in my being a bit hunched over and looking confused. I can, thus, appreciate what she was thinking, as shared a couple of months later.

I aim to carry that image with me and remind myself to stand erect and assuredly walk into any room in which I go… whether it be with family, friends or strangers.

As also stated in the last post, when sitting up or standing upright, “I usually experience a difference in self-confidence and in feeling powerful.

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