Wood Knots in Grady Story

“Eye Catcher” Wood Knots
in the “Are You Listening” Story

What imagery do you see when you look at these different wood knots below seen on the boardwalk at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida?


# 1
 – The “Lion” Sheila pointed out to Grady and his mother.

#2 – Grady did not see the same thing that his mother and Sheila Finkelstein saw in the image above.

#3 – So when Sheila pointed out the third Wood Knot that caught her eye, Grady stooped down to study it.

Boy studies a wood knot in Green Cay Wetlands

The threesome moved from this wood knot to Gray’s climbing on a railing, looking down on a Blue-Winged Teal during which time he started telling a story.  Was he being listened to?

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