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Sheila Finkelstein is a Published Author, Artist, Photographer, Relationship and Life coach.

Over the course of fourteen plus years on the web, Sheila Finkelstein, sometimes referred to as “The Lens to Life Discovery,” and at other times “The Tech Savvy Senior,” has developed and grown several businesses.

Relationships have always been important to her. Based on her life experiences, and the loss of her beloved husband Sam in 2007, she developed Living and Loving a Life with No Regrets coaching practice.

Her two main tools for “Being in the Moment” and Treasuring Your Life Now are Photographing and Writing.  You can experience the combination of both inspirational photography and writing on her Photography and Transformation and Treasure Your Life Now blogs. Writing for Healing focuses more on writing and prompts.
See also – Inspirational Sheila YouTube Channel.

In 2013, Women of eCommerce awarded Sheila with their Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with Seniors –

Photographs and writing by Sheila Finkelstein continue to be the inspiration for life changes and transformation. In line with this is the ezine, Treasure Your Life Now. Formerly Picture to Ponder ezine which evolved into Treasure Your Life Now in 2012.

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Julie Jordan Scott is an award winning writer, actress, storyteller, poetry performer, creative life coach, workshop facilitator and mom extraordinaire whose writing has appeared in the Best Selling Chicken Soup for the American Soul, numerous anthologies, magazines, websites and newspapers worldwide.

She has taught writing classes and workshops online, in person and via teleseminars and webinars since 1999. She is continuing to inspire people around the world to write daily via live streaming on periscope. Julie has worked with people across the globe to find their purpose, live with passion and find increased satisfaction in leading artful and slightly unconventional lives.

She has appeared in more than 30 plays, 5 films and two music videos and hosted a radio show. In her spare time she is an activist with the #onebillionrising movement and an educational advocate. Her new website, reminds its visitors the world is waiting for their words, just like the world is waiting for your words right now.

Julie currently lives in Bakersfield with her teen-aged son, a dog and a cat.

You can connect with Julie on her Julie Unplugged Blog.  Tap or click on #5for5 Brain Dump to be on the mailing list to get reminders of the weekly 5-minute, free-flow, brain dump writing exercises a few times a day on Wednesdays and, on occasion, for 5 days during the week.

And to experience one or more “Brain Dumps”, visit Julie’s YouTube channel.