Faces and Perspectives – How do you want to be known?

As most of you know, I often write and point out shifts in perspectives. To lay the groundwork for today’s photos and experience, I’m reminding, or informing new subscribers, that I regularly see “faces” in many things that “catch my eye.”  

In today’s onion photos, I invite YOU to first view them from the perspective of images other than the onion as food. Then feel free to “play” in anyway you wish.
Another recurring theme in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now has been noting how usually we look at the world through filters… often seeing what’s in front of us from the space of things that are currently happening within us. 

I experienced this with a real “clunk”/reminder last week. Some of you may have received the first photo below in an “Eye (I) Catcher” mailing, or you may have seen it posted on Facebook with some of the story. Later I found a post from four years ago where I had described these images in totally different ways.


When I set up the mailing that included the above view of the onion, I wrote that I saw a   “growling” or “chastising” face. Two hours later I came back to edit and complete the email and all I could see was a sad and disappointed face.  I had just learned that I had missed out on something I would have liked to have experienced.  I was disappointed. Then looking at this photo I could no longer see “growling,” nor can I today… a week later.

I remembered that I had probably used this image in a blog post in the past, searched for it and found that four years ago I had indeed. At the time I labeled it “Sad?”

I had added the following, with just a slight shift in perspective:

Red onion with a Moody face in http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/blogI saw “Mopey?”

With a 90 degree shift, there was a totally different feeling:

Red onion turned 90 degrees has a different feeling as seen on http://treasuryourlifenow.com

Now, Coy? or Smiling?

and as I expressed it four years ago:

Today’s Relationship Tip 
What face do you want to be seen with or be known by?

When you get right down to it, today’s photos are obviously a cut red onion. Yet look at the varied interpretations I brought into the different points of view as I personified it.

Some of my observations of the “faces” were in fact reflections of my own state or mood that day. When I finally committed to following my persistent mantra of taking photographs of what ever catches one’s eye, I shifted into the fun and play of it. Interestingly, after that the simple rotation of the onion reflected my new state. The latter resulted, in part, from my actually using the camera.

When we remember that so much of how we interact with a situation or another person is based on our own individual interpretations, we are reminded that this also holds true for the person on the other end. Very often all we have are the expressions on our faces or another’s and/or the tones of voice to which we may also add meaning.

When with others, consider also what your own facial expressions might be saying to another. Are they what you want to be portraying? You might even want to ask what’s going on with the other person or what he/she thinks is going on with you. 

As an example, years before this, when I was in outside sales there was a week in which I experienced two different people sitting across a desk from me, at different times, each asking me why I was angry? I was not at all angry and at a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Workshop later in the week, I asked the leader about it. She pointed out that when I get deep in thought, my face screwed up and people watching me, not knowing what it was, interpreted it as anger.

After that, I would often set up the listening of a person I was with and tell him or her that sometimes my face might take on strange expressions when I was thinking about their question, searching for an answer. I requested that they please disregard what they saw on my face as meaning anything other than that.

An Invitation
For total fun, should there be a conflict situation and you get upset by the expression on another’s face, why not imagine it as one of these from the red onion. It might even bring a smile to your face and lighten up the whole conversation. 

As always have fun and please post your experience in the Comments Section below.

Update on Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs

From a Review on Amazon

wfsd“I do not historically use writing for self-discovery. I use it to share my research, write and record CDs on meditation, and prepare papers for delivery at conventions and conferences…

Now I found Sheila has once again taught me a part of the world I could not see  that self-discovery available to each and every one of us through writing.

by reading this book, you and I get a glimpse into the art of self-discovery through writing and how it is possible for the you and me people in the world to use this to have fuller lives.”
Ina R. Ames

To get the book or see more, tap or click Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs.

Again, please add your thought and experiences to any of the above in the comments section below.

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