Glistening Sunset Light on Waterfall Energizes and Restores

sunset glistening fallsDecember 9th, a week ago, marked the 10th anniversary of Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now.  In Issue 1, I shared my MISSION, stating: “It is my desire to inspire you to discover and expand your own greatness of seeing, imagining and/or creating.”

I continued: “Each mailing will simply contain a photo – a Picture to Ponder – no words from me about the photo. [Based on reader demand, words ultimately followed.]

Know that there will be something in every photo used that caught my eye and had me ‘capture’ it. It may have been in the color, the patterns, the texture, the mood. Sometimes a hidden image surfaces for me… I invite you to explore each photo for meaning it might or might not have for you.”

In the 10 years that followed, the underlying intent remained the same. And, except for a couple of issues, all the photos were mine, as was the writing.

In this issue I am delighted to make an exception. I am VERY grateful to Caryl Borger Mix, Life Coach and Photographer Extraordinaire, for gifting us and allowing me to share her incredible photos and writing which so fit what I’ve been about for these past 10 years.

Caryl was a speaker at a conference I attended several months ago and we became Facebook friends. As soon as I saw these photos that we’re sharing in this issue of Treasure Your Life Now, I became energized and uplifted. The same thing happened when I went back to them. So I am thrilled that Caryl granted me permission to share her photos and writing, so that you, too, might have the opportunity to experience what might be so for you.

Today’s Photos

setting sunlight waterfall bottom

caryl borger mix sunset falls

caryl borger mix -sunset falls

bottom of falls at sunset

Again, with permission, I now share the beauty of Caryl’s writing… the description of her experience. Following is what she posted in Facebook. [Note: I took the liberty of bolding a couple of statements to bring to your attention.]

“After working today, then food shopping and knowing I had to go to 3 stores to wrap up some shopping, I was lost in my own head while driving home, planning and thinking of how I was going to come at the rest of my afternoon.

As I merged into traffic, I caught a glimpse of the sun beaming through the mist of the bottom of the falls, and as I crossed the bridge, the river looked like liquid gold flowing into a foamy basin. It was stunning, my mind started framing up the shots before I even began to cross the bridge.

I pulled over and went up onto the tiny catwalk above the falls, as I walked to where the river flows over the falls, the sound almost mutes out everything all around you. The roar of the water could be felt in the bottom of my stomach… the force… the raw power and energy blowing mist up into the sunlight that looked like thousands of tiny crystals glimmering in the sunlight.

I wished I could walk on water across the perfect line of where the falls begins and the flow of water slides down. I literally wanted to reach out and touch it to feel it flowing through my fingertips…. all the while knowing the force of nature would surely take me with it.

There is something about this river in the winter time for me…the smell and the crispness of the air…it just about takes your breath away. Today it wasn’t terribly cold, so I was able to watch the sun literally sink into the trees behind it.

I love that this camera and the sun have taught me to seize this moment, as it literally takes moments and the sun is gone…what you see happening right before your eyes is gone in seconds and you need to move fast. The adrenaline of what’s happening and the anticipation of the next shot keeps you fixated, while your fingers and face are numb. It’s such a rush. Hanging over the falls with that kind of force may do it too though….

It was just what I needed to get out of my head and connect to something other than everything that I am running around doing. It was nice to slip off my human doing shoes and slip into being…. just being a human being and enjoying the moment right before me.

Look around you, it’s all right in front of you for the taking. Take a moment to breathe…. until then, check out these shots…my gift to you.

Big, big hugs to you♥”

Words and Photos ©2014 Caryl Borger Mix, Your Change Agent, Life Strategist and Mentor for Your Mind, Body and Business –
Please share your experiences of the photos and writing by leaving a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below on this blog.

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Glistening Sunset Light on Waterfall Energizes and Restores — 2 Comments

  1. Breath Taking!! I was without words seeing the first shot in your newsletter! I could “feel” her words before she spoke them! Thanks for sharing!

    They certainly take us out of our minds and back into our hearts and the REAL MEANING of this time of year! GRATITUDE for the unconditional LOVE of Nature, God, Life which continues to support us regardless of when we forgot the most precious gifts which support us every day we are alive in this beautifully stunning, magical world.

    A place which provides us resources with which we create everything in our lives! Resources to feed and nourish our bodies, minds and spirits. All captured so beautifully in these photographs and writing.

    Thank You for sharing them!! May they serve to remind us all of the true meaning of this season, loving all.

    Infinite Blessings of unconditional love to all of life.

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