Picture to Ponder – Treasure Your Life Now History and Update

Spider web with many paths leading out and back to the center

All Paths Lead Out and Then Back to the Core Center

As I stated in the emailed portion of this ezine, I’d been dragging and remiss in posting photos and writing.  Picture to Ponder started out and continued for 7 or more years as a sharing of images that caught my eye. The subsequent ponderings that came up after, turned into “Self-Reflecting Queries”.

In the past year or so my camera is less and less with me. Is it that I am spending more time looking in, or simply on thoughts, than being open to what is visually around me….?  or is it mainly that my environment is pretty much visually the same?

Now isn’t that silly.  Of course lights and shadows, time of day and so much more can, and often does, alter the images in a nano-second.  Even moving around something, viewing it from different perspectives, causes a shift. This is something I’ve explored and shared a lot in the past years.

So what’s been happening? In part, large or small, I’ve been trying to fit myself into other people’s thoughts and suggestions on what might be “good” for me. This includes my alter ego, or whomever’s, thoughts also.

Part of the “flavor” of PICTURE TO PONDER changed when I transitioned it, or attempted to, into TREASURE YOUR LIFE NOW. This came close to 2 years ago when I started my Love with No Regrets coaching business.

I already had an ezine and an audience. It seemed logical to attempt to “marry” the old/past with the new. So I added Relationship Tips along with Self-Reflecting Queries. This became one more “to-do” thing that was almost “forcing” for me rather than a simple “flow.”

Recently I’ve been reminded once again on the importance of “stories”, our individual stories in connecting with and enrolling people in whatever we are up to.   Often when photographing images, an automatic “story” would mentally attach itself to what I saw… in the faces, position, colors and more.  And, I believe it was these sometimes subconscious stories that connected me and the imagery with you. Even when not verbalized, there was something underneath that reached you, even if it wasn’t my particular interpretation.

In further reflection this morning on what the stories in my life might have been and be, I was reminded of my two favorite fiction characters and book series – POLLYANNA and NANCY DREW MYSTERIES.  Pollyanna, the “Glad Girl”, always found the good in whatever happened in her life and in the lives of others that were around her.

I don’t recall specifically Nancy Drew’s persona. I do know that she was always making discoveries and finding answers…. my passion and challenges were always resolved and turned out with a positive resolution.

Even today, 65 plus years later (yes, I am a senior) my favorite books are mysteries with a romantic slant.  My favorite TV shows are the crime ones… NCIS, CSI and even CRIMINAL MINDS.  I also enjoy reruns of CSI MIAMI, particularly appreciating the compassion Horatio, the leading character, has for the victims, their families and his staff members.

And, Pollyanna is always here with me, helping people discover where and how they can empower themselves and others as they search for what they can turn into positive elements in whatever challenges they may be having.

So where is all of this leading me?  I am continuing to explore what’s next for me and perhaps support you with that also.

My biggest passion right now is supporting/training/coaching people in their connecting with and having great relationships with family, friends and colleagues worldwide.

This is my prime reason for developing Technology for Seniors Made Easy, wanting people to be able to easily have access to all that they can in their lives for pleasure and enjoyment, especially in connecting with people worldwide… their own family members, as well as old and new friends. Then, of course, there is the being able to navigate in a rapidly changing electronic world.  Knowing how to do that is becoming even more important as companies are more and more relying on the Internet for providing their services and transactions.

In addition, I’m daily moved when I learn of seniors and others who have been and otherwise would be isolated without their computers and/or iPads or other tablets to communicate on Facebook, Facetime (for iPad and iPhone users) and Skype as well as other service.

I am most excited about the possibilities Zoom.us offers for face-to-face communication with several family members or friends at once. On December 25th, about 20 of my cousins “partied” together. Several were in one home in Philadelphia on their separate iPads, iPhones and other Smartphones.

I was in Florida recording the party on a computer in one room, communicating with my son, daughter-in-law and one grandson on the patio on my iPad. Two cousins in different cities in California were on; another came in from an airport in Texas; while two more joined us from Rhode Island. Finally, another of our cousins used the phone to call in from India!

Starting this Monday, February 17th from 11 AM to Noon, I am starting Q&A Mondays to answer questions Seniors, and others may have, around technology. I am inviting you to join us, even if you don’t have questions, simply for me to meet you and vice-versa.

It’s a way also for you to experience this simple technology for yourself and your circles. There is no charge for the time we spend together, or for the Zoom.us application. AND, if you wish to generate your own meetings, you can do so for free for meetings 40 minutes or less.

You can get the details for joining me and others this Monday and/or on future Mondays at http://EvolvingSeniors.com.

I invite you to explore all the ways that will and do have you TREASURE YOUR LIFE NOW.  For me electronic devices (including cameras and the ways we transmit photos) is part of that!


Picture to Ponder – Treasure Your Life Now History and Update — 4 Comments

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  2. Spider webs have always intrigued me even when I was a child growing up in the Northeast. Delicate yet strong, have always reminded me of the patience that went into making them.
    I should have been so patient throughout my almost 80 years of weaving my own webs as I wandered Mother Earth seeking this, that, and whatever sparked my imagination at the time.
    My most favorite memory of spider webs took place years ago. We were renting a house with a lake behind it. Hence come spring heavy dew greeted early mornings before sunrise.
    One special morning, up early as usual to ready my young daughter for school, the sun was beginning to shine across the lake. Since the other side of our yard had not been cleared numerous tall, dry Goldenrod stems, along with tall dried grasses gave way to the most natural wonder I had ever seen before.
    Each tall, dried stem was laced with a dew drop necklace of shimmering spider webs as if they were precious jewels. Also puffs of what appeared to be cotton balls sparkled in the early sun as well.
    I have yet to find such a greeting again in my life. It was and remains one of the precious memories I hold close to my heart. Mother Earths offerings, for those of us who not only look but are able to see her many precious gifts given freely each day we are here.

    Thank you for not only sharing Sheila but helping me to remember those diamond laced spider webs of old.

    Blessings Bobuta

    • Bobuta, What a beautiful share of an exquisite memory! You’ve painted it so clearly I can see and feel myself there.

      And I can certainly relate to, for me “almost [75] years of weaving my own webs as I wandered… seekeing this, that, and whatever sparked my imaginat at the time.” Sounds like on one level or another that we’re somewhat kindred spirits!

      Thank you for sharing yourself and your story with us.


  3. Kindred wise spirits my friend with the ability to not only look but see. Taking the time, as you do with your camera, to share the wonder of it all. Each day is a precious gift of both blessings as well as many wonders.
    Thank you for replying as well as connecting once more.


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