Shifting Perspectives through the Lens of a Glass then a Plastic Bottle

In looking over some past issues of Picture to Ponder, one that kept cropping up was a post that featured distorted visual views and perspectives that I discovered and documented with my iPhone camera. In videos I shared the fun I had doing it. Given the current political climate, it feels appropriate to take a deep breath, lighten up for a few minutes and look at distortions through aesthetic and fun perceptions.

The post below is adapted from one in 2011.  My Mother’s Day gift that year was a loving weekend with one of my sons and his family at a Disney World resort. On the first morning, I was sitting on an upper balcony finishing writing my Morning Pages as I drank my daily lemon water. As I completed, I got excited as my eye suddenly noticed the reflections and distortions visible through the glass.

I immediately grabbed my iPhone camera to document the experience wanting to savor it later  and to share with subscribers. In the first photo I held the glass against my face with the camera positioned at the bottom of the glass.

Then looking across the balcony:

After taking a large number of still photos, I switched to the video camera on my iPhone. The first was shot horizontally; the second, vertically.

Video through a glass on balcony looking over water in http://TreasureYourLLifeNow.comTap or click on the image above to see horizontal video view on the balcony and across the way.
video Vertical view looking through a glass on balcony at Bonnet Creek on http://Treasureyourlifenow.comTap or click on image above, or click on Vertical Video, to see a different perspective. Also, on the technical end, note when holding the phone vertically you get a lot of black on each side when showing on YouTube. Thus, horizontal views are usually best.

Different Lens – More Perspectives
The following day, I played with taking photos through a plastic bottle as seen in the images below. In the upper photo, there is still some water in the bottle. The lower one shows the water drops on the side, inside the bottle.

Self-Reflecting Queries –

These photos, videos and my experiences highlight, in a different way, a recurring theme in Picture to Ponder/ Treasure Your Life Now… that of many ways of seeing and what happens when we shift perspectives.

How often in life do we “distort” reality to fit, perhaps, preconceived images or beliefs that we have? When we do, we may recognize what we are doing and yet it seems to be a struggle and a burden to make any kind of shift. Very often it’s fear of the unknown.

The distortions and reflections in today’s photos show that there can be fun and play in being open and making shifts. For me, the videos are an added demonstration of the lightness and fun that can be brought into play when changing our perspectives.

I invite you to look into your life right now.

Is there any place where you are feeling stuck? where something may feel “heavy”? If so, I invite you to bring some “play” to it. Is there a way you can be seeing it, in fun? If so, what has shifted for you?

And, if all feels great, light and easy, is there still a place where you might bring a playfulness, discovery and exploration and find some new expansion?

As always, have fun, and please share in Leave a Reply below what comes up for you.


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