Story Telling – Challenges – Purple Glass Chihuly Sculpture

The underlying theme of today’s Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now is “story.” Before expanding on it and the photo on the left (enlarged below) I am asking for your help.

1 – As I continue living in, developing and transforming my own life story, I am in the inquiry of “What problems do I solve? Who are the people I help?

For those of you have been followers for some time, and new ones also: Are there problems with which I have helped you in my writing here or through other contacts? If so, what was/were the problem(s) and how was/were it/they resolved? I would very much appreciate your response. Simply send an email to or leave you comments below in the Reply section.

Also, are you dealing with a challenge now where I might be able to help you gain clarity… in a relationship (with yourself or another) or in an Internet business, (particularly in the areas of technology or marketing)? If so, I would be glad to set up a time for a free 30 minute consultation. Or, perhaps there is a product or service to which I can direct you. Again, please reply to this post with your response. If you’d like a complimentary consultation, put that in the subject line… address

Now on to Today’s Photo… Story and Self-Reflecting Queries 

purple glass in palms at Fairchild GardensThe above photo and story of a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture was featured in an issue of Picture to Ponder in July 2006. It was one of many sculptures installed in the first ever Chihuly Exhibit in Fairchild Gardens in Miami.

In that issue I wrote:

“… a Chihuly purple glass sculpture in the midst of palms at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. As I was looking through photos from the exhibit then [and now] the one above popped out for me, totally capturing my attention and a few of my senses.

I love the movement of the branches, as well as the contrasts and lights and shadows at play in the whole scene. For me the experience would be complete without the sculpture and, I find, the piece does add a great anchor.

While looking at it, observe how the textures in the glass repeat the textures of the natural environment in which it was placed.

As I look at the above Palm Garden photo, I’d love to jump in, skip, play and then simply lie down and be. I am thrilled that I have this photo that allows me that experience, even though it’s one I’d have to continue to visualize and create in my imagination.

Are there places that you have where you experience special energy? Can you physically visit them or are they places in your imagination? How have you captured them to keep them alive for you?

Many of you, whose work I’ve seen, take wonderful photos and others write and create beautiful pictures with your vivid use of words. What about the rest of you?

I have been speaking of physical, visual energy oases, so-to-speak.

Perhaps there are domains of music or other forms of sound that create these experiences for you? Are there some of you who originate and create your own place with sound.

I invite you to pay attention to what it is that brings out both serenity and playfulness for you and to note the ways in which you can hold it to retrieve at any time.”

BACK TO TODAY – As I reflect on the Self-Reflecting Queries myself, here and in other issues when I go back to them, I am in wonderment at what the photos brought up for me and, presumably, for you.

The question for me now becomes… “Were those 8 to 10 years simply part of my life story that is complete or is there more to be done in that arena?

I’d be happy to hear from you if you have thoughts on this based on your past experiences with Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now.  Please post in the Reply Section below.

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