Transforming Sadness and Loneliness During Holiday Celebrations

As I was shopping in a supermarket, two days before Easter, I glanced over at the flowers section and was reminded of an experience 10 years ago. I lived in New Jersey at the time and, although Easter is not a holiday I celebrate, the artist in me looked forward to it.  The store where I shopped seemed to always import Calla Lilies for the occasion and I loved the flower. That particular year, I had forgotten to look for the plants until the day before Easter.

When I finally did, all that remained in the store was one droopy, wilted plant. The manager was very nice. She told me to take it home, put it in a sink and dowse it with water.  If it did not come alive, she would issue me a refund on Monday.

As soon as I did what she said, I immediately became excited with the one flower that fell out over the sink and I started photographing.

kitchen calla lily photo/drawing - calla lily int the sinkThe Photo is
the resultant photo/drawing of the plant. You can see the tiny water bubbles in the stainless steel sink.

I don’t recall, how well the plant “revived”. I do know, however, I never claimed a refund, because the pleasure and satisfaction that I experienced went far beyond my initial expectations. That excitement continues today, in new ways, whenever I look at the art that resulted from it. (The top image is on a wood plaque on my kitchen wall.)

calla lily photo/drawingThe Present –
I tell you this story now, after being reminded of it, because I think it’s also symbolic of what’s possible.

For many, holidays bring mixed emotions… sometimes sadness… feelings of aloneness and isolation… even anger.

What do we do with those emotions? We can hold onto them; justify and be right about how we are feeling; withdraw… and a wide range of other ways of being.

Or, we can pull ourselves out of it and look for the gratitude, for what we can celebrate in our personal lives.

How do we do that?

A Possibility –
If you have been a subscriber for quite a while, you know my camera (digital and now iPhone also) has been my friend and often my savior.

It reminds me frequently that the best way to SHIFT
PERSPECTIVES and MOODs is to take it out, look for 5 different things that catch my eye. I’m now calling them “Eye (I) – Catchers”. Invariably I shift to a different space.

Starting Wednesday –
So that others can also experience this richness, I’m revising and relaunching my THROUGH AND FROM THE LENS course  where in 4 weeks participants have the opportunity to experience Shifts in Perspectives, Transformation in Relationships, Break Throughs in Limiting Beliefs and more… All while having FUN Connecting – Creating – Communicating – Experiencing Community.

There is a $30 Savings for those who register by Sunday at Midnight.  Thank you for being part of my life. I am forever grateful and celebrate the relationship.

For what are you grateful and what will you celebrate, by declaration, this weekend and beyond?

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