Amaryllis – Changing Perspectives – Close-up and Stepping Back

As I was considering past posts and what photo or photos to share today, I started thinking of those with the subject “confrontation.” Some interesting ones showed up and I decided to go with “changing perspectives” and more traditionally perceived “beauty,” rather than fully confrontational, so…

Today’s Photos –
Amaryllis in the American Orchid Society greenhouse when the latter was in Delray Beach, FL

Amaryllis flowers in a group in Treasure Your Life Now ezine and blog post

close up of Amaryllis flower in Treasure Your Life Now ezine and blog post

Close up of Amaryllis flower in Treasure Your Life Now ezine and blog post

macro view close up of Amaryllis flower in Treasure Your Life Now ezine and blog post
Today’s Photos’ Story 
As I was enjoying viewing and photographing Phalaenopsis orchids on a visit to the AOS gardens, I glanced ahead and over to my left and was immediately captivated by these flowers. They were larger than any of the surrounding orchids and it was the first time that I had seen Amaryllis there, either in the greenhouse or on the grounds.

I had been in conflict as to which of the many photographs I took that day to share in Picture to Ponder. I finally decided to go with the sequence above. Many subscribers who had answered a survey I did made note of having become more tuned in to looking at things and images from different perspectives as a result of their experiences with that recurring theme here.

Insofar as my own responses, I love the top photo for the dramatic (“Come look at me,” from the front flower) and the joyful (“Let’s play together in a circle”) feeling I get from the “landscape” view.

By the time I get down to the third flower, not surprisingly, I see a “face” two, almost squinting eyes, anyway. I get lost in the fourth photo, not sure I want to be there. It’s almost a relief to get back up to the first photo.

Self-Reflecting Queries
For today, I invite you to take time with each of the Amaryllis photographs, individually. Make note, perhaps in writing, of what comes up for you, as you VIEW each image.

I then invite you to compare your responses with my observations. I suggest this as opportunity for you to be directly aware of probable differences of experience and the okay-ness of each.

Were there differences? Did you prefer the full view, intermediate or close-up? And, there might not be a preference at all since each response might have been unique for you.

Note: As I was doing my final edit, the word “confront” popped into my mind. I wonder if that was the experience for me with the last photo.

What about you? Did you find it all confrontational? If so, how do you respond when confronted? Obviously, I withdraw, since I went back to the “happy” photo.

Relationship Tip:
For fun, I invite you to share these photos and queries with someone else and compare responses, yours, theirs and mine.

This is, of course, one more way of tuning into and ACCEPTING that all perceptions and perspectives have value.

Make note of how the person(s) with whom you share respond. Do they favor the closer view or the overall picture?  Which is their ultimate preference?

Then keep this in mind the next time you are communicating, particularly on an issue where you might want some resolution.

Always remember that another’s perspective may be different from yours. Communication can be facilitated if you check out their points of view also.

As always, have fun with this and please post your comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below.


Amaryllis – Changing Perspectives – Close-up and Stepping Back — 5 Comments

  1. Photo No’1 -This is me fully opened and vulnerable. However I am surrounded by my family and friends who ultimately are protecting me
    Photo No’2 – This is all of me fully opened up, come take a closer look!
    Photo No’3 – Hey! Back off! Too close!
    Photo No’4 – Wow! Not as dark down deep inside as I thought. There is a lighter colour at my very core!
    This has been surrounded by a dark colour that hides my inner brightness. Almost protecting me from outside curiosity.
    You really have to come look deep, deep inside to find that inner light that is where I really begin and reside.
    Not many people will be able to penetrate to that depth or even realize that there is more to me deep down – most times not their fault as my dark, protective layer hides me from their probing eyes.
    Once I found the real depth in this flower I was drawn in to explore more of and not afraid to do so.
    I wasn’t afraid.

  2. My favorite the first photo.Even before reading your comments, I also thought of it as a group of friends dancing. It is joyful.
    The second one is the only other that really appealed to me. It shows the details of the center of the flower, but also allows you to see its perimeter. It’s as if you could go to that garden and search and find that flower because you know it’s whole being.

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