Seeing and Expanding – Mystery Hearts

As I was going through my files, the following images published here in 2008 surfaced. Given Valentine’s day was coming up this last weekend it seemed to be a good fit. Be sure to read through to the end. You’ll find a collage of other “hearts” also found in Nature.


The Photos
a Heart as seen in a Palm Tree Leaf

The yellow image in this palm tree leaf caught my eye as I was walking. It immediately said, “heart” to me. I took several photos, knowing that Valentine’s Day was almost here.

I’ve included both the horizontal and vertical views of the image to demonstrate the different feelings that can be evoked by the changed perspectives.

To me the top, horizontal photo, seems as if it’s more embracing than the lower more focused image.

Self-Reflecting Queries:
The lighter yellow heart configuration is centered in the leaf with the folds of the leaf spreading out from the center, through the leaf and to the edges.

As I stayed with the photos, the following queries came up for me:

How expansive is your heart?

Does it encompass as many different areas as those we see in the leaf? More? Less?

Although it is the same leaf in each of the photos does it seem changed to you from one photo to the other?

Is there a difference for you in your response to the two different perspectives?

Relationship Tip:
When observing and/or interacting with others, keep your experience of the above in mind. It is likely that there was a difference for you in your experience of the two images based on their direction shifts.

Someone, or thing, in a horizontal view is generally viewed as more restful; whereas vertical is more dominant and active.

If you find yourself reacting to a person’s position, and it’s interfering with what you want to express, remember that it may simply be you, with nothing intentional on the part of the other person.  Simply notice your thoughts and let them go. You could also express what is disturbing you and request a shift in position. Make sure you start your request with, “I [feel…]”, rather thanYou [make me…]”

More Photos:
When I came across this issue’s featured “heart” photos, I remembered some of the others in my collection. I put a few of them in the collage below.  One is also posted as a “Mystery Photo” on my Facebook Through and From the Lens page.

Collage of Hearts in Nature on Treasure Your Life Now blog

Click, or tap, on the Hearts Collage to go to the heart photos page where you will see the images in larger sizes.

May you have widespread love in and throughout all areas of your life.  Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrated it.

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