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Recently I was in a quandary about something and wondered if I had ever written about that state in Picture to Ponder. When I did a search for “quandry” (unknowingly misspelled) on Google and the Photography and Transformation blog, I found the following issue.

Published in August of 2008, I’ve modified the post somewhat to fit today. Basically in that issue I was speaking of celebration, which certainly fits for us as we begin the new year.

It seems, at the time, that people in many locations were experiencing bad weather. Given the cold and snow currently in different areas of the country and world, I’m thinking this bright yellow sunflower, yet to fully open, might bring cheer.

sunflowers and alstroemeria close-upThe upper photo is a view focused in on Sunflowers surrounded by Alstroemeria that were in the floral arrangement below.

sunflowers and alstroemeria in front of a painting.A third photo included in that issue was a photograph of a Full Moon Amidst Clouds on a clear night. The completed image was a result of using several processes in the Photoshop Elements Course I had just completed. Click on Lesson 5-6 and scroll the bottom of the page to see the unaltered photos and other exercises in that class.

Full moon photo alteredI included it in that issue because I got the feeling of celebration from the photo, with the tilt of the center image.

And, today as I write 7 1/2 years later, I find it interesting to come across the tutorial for something I haven’t done in years.  I may go back and play and see if there are current apps that might do the same thing.

Background Leading up to the Self-Reflecting Queries
At the time this issue was published, it was the last one before switching over to a different ezine publisher. In the process there were several layers of sadness for me, including missing the subscribers who were lost in the transition and sorrow at leaving the original publisher who had served me/us well.

I also reminded myself to be celebrating the new… that which was yet to come.

[After note: The publisher, Ezezine continues to serve us today, holding the full archives of all the issues from December 2004 through the August 2008 issue I’m using today. See EARLY ARCHIVES.]

The Self-Reflecting Queries
Coming from what I experienced, I invite you to look at:

1. Are there places in your life, where you are focusing on what’s missing rather than on what’s available?

2. When you do see, acknowledge and honor what’s there, do you allow yourself to celebrate it? If so, how?

3. When you are in a quandary
(“quandry” as it was misspelled), or are feeling sad, do you simply shut down, withdraw, or are you able to seek out and ask for support?

4. Do you remain aware of what methods you can use to create shifts for yourself so that they are available to you in the future?

For me in addition to communicating with my friends and support team, I was able to turn my energy into a creative venture. While playing with the photos in Photoshop, fulfilling on other coursework, I wound up with a totally unexpected result, a way to use both images, celebrating an “aliveness” theme.

While working with the photos I had no hidden agenda or attachment to results and that, I say, is what made it work.

Where, if at all, can you find yourself in the above examples?

Relationship Tips
Referencing the Queries above:

1 – If you find yourself in a quandary, especially if you feel yourself ready to shut down, share that with the person or people important to you… “I am feeling…”  “I need you to listen…” or, perhaps, “I am withdrawing for a bit. Please understand and know that it’s not about you.  I need some space.”

2 – If you ask for input, listen and acknowledge and do not be attached to the other’s response being a certain way or to a specific outcome. Be open.

As always, have fun with these questions as you explore and play.

I’d love to hear from you. Please share your experiences in the LEAVE A REPLY below this post.

As always remember to have fun with the pictures and the queries and share on the blog what comes up for you.

New and Upcoming
1 – In anticipation of the launch of WRITING FOR SELF-DISCOVERY: Finding Answers Kindle Book, I have set up a Facebook group, sharing photos and timed writing prompts, inviting others to write also should they wish. If you are on Facebook, please join the group… Writing for Self-Discovery with photos as prompts.

2 – I have started using Periscope, the mobile app for live stream videoing. It links into one’s Twitter account. I have broadcast sunsets in Green Cay Wetlands and sunrise in Wakodahatchee Wetlands, as well as sunrise at the ocean New Year’s morning as mentioned in the last issue of Treasure Your Life Now.

You can experience “live” some the locations about which I’ve written. Watch replays of my broadcasts at any time on You do not have to have Periscope or a mobile device to watch the replays.

3 – I will be setting up a membership group wherein participants can respond live (video), tour Nature spots with me, talk about what you are seeing and how it applies to you life.  If interested in learning more, please email me at sheila.finkelstein [at] with Photography-Writing Group in the subject line.

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