Having Fun Celebrating a Book Launch

Celebrating the launch of Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs AND reaching #1 for Journal Writing and #10 for Self-Esteem on Amazon before doing any promoting! See below the first story here for more and info and the relevancy to what follows.

Today’s photo is different from the usual shared here. And sometimes it’s fun to be different. It is a photo of me recording on three devices, plus my reflection in the computer monitor as I photographed with my Canon digital camera.

The idea surfaced out of my Morning Pages writing the other day. In the back of my mind was the introducing-me video I was scheduled to record for the authors page on my site. Though I hadn’t intended to write in my Morning Pages about that task, the simple act of free-flow writing allowed the idea to emerge.

Sheila Finkelstein videos herself with 3 cameras for http://TreasureYourLifeNow.com/writing-for-self-discovery-author pageTo see a photo of the full iPad clamped onto the computer, tap or click on mounted iPad.

So often I hear, “Which is the best video camera to use when I want to share on the web?” Having had challenges with the program I had used the day before on my computer,  I thought, “What fun it would be to experiment with all three at once!” Then “even more fun if I photographed the set-up!”

So I cleared space and played with clamping my iPad onto my Mac computer. Then used my Joby flexible tripod to mount my iPhone on the microphone I use for recording when I’m on the computer.

The first one to finish uploading on YouTube was the video done using Zoom on my computer. So that’s the one I put on the author page. I’m thinking the iPad one might be more engaging. The iPhone video would be out for this one because I was not able to position it so that I could be maintain eye contact with the lens…. most important to remember when you do any videoing.

If you would like to see the differences for yourself, you can see all three videos on a YouTube Playlist I created for them. Click or tap on 3 Camera Playlist.  I’d love to hear which you think is best.  Leave your comment in the space at the end of this post.

[Note: I’ve included links for those of you who might want to know more about what I used for mounting and recording. The link for the clamp to my iPad is one of three pieces in a kit I bought quite a while ago from Caddy Buddy. The other two are on Amazon with my affiliate links. The clamp is not on an affiliate link. Although Amazon does offer pieces of the Caddy Buddy set I have, it does not have all the components. Some are sold separately.]

Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs now LIVE on Amazon!!

I mentioned approaching launch time in the past two issues and the book IS now launched.

In celebration of the launch, we’ve made it available to you for FREE  to download on any, or all, of the Kindle apps for the Smartphone, Tablet, Computer of a Kindle device.

If you do not have a Kindle app, simply go to the book link – Writing Breakthrough Book – and Amazon will walk you through downloading the App and the book.  If you have any questions simply reply to this email and ask me.

Book Description

Writing for Self-Discovery: Creating Breakthroughs in
all areas of your life…
in developing relationships with self and others…
in meeting challenges… releasing stress… overcoming anger and fear…
to raising spirits when down…
expanding creativity…

The authors list and discuss opportunities of different types of free-flow writing, with ample examples.

The book includes:

Reasons for writing
Various types of prompts, highlighted so that readers can make note and use them to spark their own writing
Word pools
Expanding senses and awareness 
Practical how-to’s in writing
Morning Pages 
Haiku for anger control and other forms of expression
Sample of photos used for prompts

on my getting the idea of the playing with videoing came, as I wrote above, out of my Morning Pages writing. The book itself evolved out of my discovering writings, a large portion of which I’d done over the past 10 years in programs with Julie Jordan Scott. I thus invited her to collaborate with me on this book. Moved and inspired, as I recalled and reflected on my transformation over the years, I wanted to share it so others might experience impact in their own lives by experimenting with some of the ideas we discuss in the book.

Most of the examples of my writing are formatted to look like poetry. Although some of it did turn out to be poetic, it was laid out that way to make it easier to read.

To learn more about the book and the special free offers in it go to Writing for Self-Discovery and use Amazon’s Look Inside feature which shows the Table of Contents and much more.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I  invite you to set an intention for the next few days look for and observe new things.
Then make note of what kinds of discoveries they are.
Is there a pattern?
Do you take the time to celebrate them?  If so, how?
Are you comfortable if/when you are moved to act in a different way?
Can you do so freely?

The book will be available for FREE through Saturday midnight Pacific time on Amazon at http://sheilasuggests.com/writing-for-self-discovery-book-sub

For links to the items I used to mount my iPad and iPhone go back to the top of this issue.

Be sure to check out the Author page to experience both my excitement and to meet me AND Julie who is about “Artistic Rebirth” and so much more.

For those interested in how the different devices recorded, check out the 3 video playlist. It is the exact same conversation in each, though interestingly to me there are a few seconds differences between them.

Please share in the comments below any of your experiences as you read today’s issue.

Thank you for being in my life and for celebrating with me.

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