Do You Want to Find and Free Your Inner Voice?

Little boy looks up from his drawingDo YOU have a Story Wanting to Come Out?

Earlier this week, I attended a free virtual event by phone – “Freeing Your Writing Voice: 3 Keys to Reclaiming the Joy & Magic in Your Words.” It is being offered again tomorrow, Saturday. Session is past. Click or tap on link below for replay.

There was so much value in that hour. I wanted to make sure that you, too, have the opportunity to hear what SARK and her business partner have to say. Even if you do NOT have a book wanting to come out, I highly recommend Freeing Your Writing Voice for freeing any of your voices. 

I often struggle with writing when I step outside of free-flow writing, so I was intrigued by the topic. I was thrilled during the call to hear discussion on far more than writing.

This included a discussion and pointers on Managing our Inner Critics. Who doesn’t have any of those? HINT: “Give them other jobs”

Different perspectives on looking at and working with our feelings was discussed, as well as other topics.

Sark has written 17  books that have sold more than two million copies. I was especially impressed to hear her say she writes very little every day.

She and her partner identified five ways we stop ourselves with suggestions for working with them:

1 – the perfectionist – never good enough
2 – the procrastinator – the professional one…. Usually they both work together
3 – the comparer – everyone else’s writing is better than yours.
4 – the Overachiever – write more….. pushing pushing pushing. Will never be enough
5 – the Hopeless one

Ready to Find Out More About Your Inner Voice?
Rob is Writing His Story.

writing, will drawing, in a journal - https://treasureyourlifenow.comOh... Too young to write at 18 months old he is drawing it.

So are you ready check out what might open up for you in relation to your story… to find it, if you don’t know what it is?

Sark pointed out during the call: “You’re the only version of your story.” … that by telling our stories we transform the world.
“Write quickly and easily and change the world.”

The Photos
This issue’s photos were taken by beloved Sam. Were he still here we would be celebrating together our 56 wedding anniversary tomorrow. When these two photos grabbed my eye, I knew they were perfect for my message today… inquiry, action and celebrating ourselves, our stories, our loved ones.

So I celebrate and honor Sam, his talent and humor and what we had together, by sharing these two photos of our younger son, Rob, at 18 months.

Not only was Sam a great photographer, he was a great story teller. And he loved organizing his photos, putting them in albums, often with stories.  With these images, Sam told a 6 sentence story, one line for each of six photos. Click or tap on Artist Rob.

While on that page, be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page for a story of 2 year old Joe. You can also come back and click here – Romantic Joe.

Comments Invited –
I’d love to hear your thoughts on stories you may have, especially after the Sark event should you listen to that. Please share in the “Leave a Reply” section at the end of this post.

Also a Reminder – Coming Up Next Week
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There’s the opportunity for group support and interaction in a Facebook group or you can simply take any actions on your own being accountable to yourself, should that be your preference.

There will be a daily email with suggestions, if you need them, to do
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Make a great weekend.


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  1. Thanks, Sheila! I will be on today’s replay and have signed up for Awesomization! Your offerings are gifts of synchronicity this week! (:-)

  2. I really enjoyed the teleseminar! Good tips and ideas. I hope to catch the full course another time; I have invested in a few things in the past 2 weeks that I must use before I invest in something else. Thanks for the suggestion.(:-)

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