How can you get through rigid blocks? Answer in Avocado pit video

As a reminder in the previous post here, I wrote about, and showed a flower photograph I had taken years ago. The “hidden face” in the flower that initially had eluded me has become  a wake-up call for me to also come out of hiding.

The challenge for me, as I imagine it may be for you, is that I often go in so many different directions, with varied ideas and photo-seeings continually popping up. It becomes challenging to know which to present here.  In last week’s article I mentioned that playing with dried out pieces of vegetables, then hydrating them is part of what’s had me come alive.

One astounding discovery for me was that a rock-hard slice of avocado pit, became squeezable and could be pulled apart once it was hydrated.  See video below. In it I invite you to reflect:

Sheila Finkelstein hold a rock-hard slice of an avocado pit

Self-Reflecting Query
“Where and with what/whom in your life can you get hydration and nourishment, particularly if you are confronted with what seems like a solid, impenetrable block or wall?

Do you choose to move forward or stay put?”

My Story
For me, interacting with/listening to my coach, friends and associates who have experienced me, my photos and courses over the years AND then letting it finally sink in, has made all the difference.

One astute friend, also a past course participant, gave me some very valuable feedback in response to a question I had asked. She pointed out that I “overthink” things and that I have a brand. “Stick to it”. When asked what she saw my brand as, she responded, “You teach people to see creatively!”

Wow! It was right on for me and I had never thought of it in that way… so simplified, actually summarized all that I’ve been doing and love doing.

Invitation for You to Query
I invite you to ask someone what they see as your role in life… your brand… how they would best describe you.  I especially suggest doing this if you are stuck on something.

​​​​​​​Result for Me
My friend’s statement freed me up to more easily continue on with revising and expanding the Through and From The Lens Course: The Joy of Living and Seeing Creatively. It also helped me in creating the tagline and more easily share what I do!

The course info page is almost complete, mainly with editing needed in the “My Story” section.  You can see what’s in the works by clicking/tapping on TFTL – Through and From the Lens.

Additional Photos for this Issue –
Since I’ve been talking about vegetables and in the last issue I included a video with red onion pieces (link at the bottom of this email), I thought you might enjoy this photo of my latest Red Onion “eye-catcher”.

Perhaps “she” is celebrating my become Mother for the first time 56 years today! Or what do you see?


You may see a variety of other images AND if you go to the blog you’ll see this one and 1 others showing different perspective.

A further celebration, the end of a beautiful sunset, seen on a neighborhood walk. Path to the Future?


Neighborhood Sunset

As I explored I continued more noticing and discovering that shriveled up pieces of vegetables became resilient again when I hydrated them. Then I, too, became more resilient, excited and alive.

I would love to read what’s happening with you and your responses to what I’ve shared here.  You are welcome to reply directly to Sheila[a] or comment in the REPLY space below this post


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