This Poppy flower urges being bold and direct

Given that over the years it’s been one or more photos that have been the focus of these posts, I’m granting this poppy prime space. She has been sitting on my computer desktop urging me to get bold and to the point.

I’ve been holding back from being direct, waiting for the “perfect” page, words, etc. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.  Bottom line I am delighted to announce and invite you to join me in the upcoming revised THROUGH AND FROM THE LENS: The Joy of Living and Seeing Creatively.

It’s an 8-Session Interactive online program where your camera is the tool to opening you up to seeing things in many new and different ways, both your inner world as well as your outer world. Any camera works and can provide answers to the queries in the image below.
When you look at the list above, what would make the most difference in your life…unleashing your creativity…? gaining greater self-confidence in making necessary decisions…? or simply experiencing joy, freedom and play in your life, as you start seeing and experiencing bountiful new perspectives?

Is finding or deepening the answers important to you? If so, I invite to join us with the link above or on the image.

The program starts in less than 2 weeks on Wednesday, October 17th. If you’d like to learn more and get a taste of the experience before registering, I’d love to have you join me and a few past participants in a FREE online overview on Wednesday night (Eastern), October 10th.  See TFTL – Intro

The poppy above, amongst other flowers and even a rock, also wanted to be included in this issue. She represents finding a pride in self in a diverse community. This is one of the powers participants experience in Through and From The Lens: The Joy of Living and Seeing Creatively.

Self-Reflecting Queries 
Again, pursuant to the questions at the beginning of this issue:

Do you know and accept your own creativity? If not, what might be available to you in your life, if you were to experience and acknowledge it?

For years, or however long you’ve followed these posts, you’ve likely looked at shifting perspectives in various situations in your life.  What if even more of this were available to you on a regular basis?

And, FUN… Is that something you’d like more of? What if it were happening in a community of new friends as well as in your current environments?

If any of the above strikes some kind of chord in you, I invite you to check the links below.

If you know you are ready to reserve your space in the Through and From The Lens program… limited to the first 10 participants… then go directly to TFTL – Program for full details and registration.

If you have questions, you can experience some of what’s possible in the program at the same time get an overview of it in the free online introduction on Wednesday, 10/10. Click or tap on TFTL – Intro to register for it. I’d love to meet with you “live” in my office.

Your Updates 
As always I would love to read what’s happening with you in your world and your responses to what I’ve shared here.  Please comment in the REPLY space below this post.

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