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#1 – A Multitude of Directions – The Fresh and the Aged

The photographs in today’s issue of Treasure Your Life Now are from the bouquet of mixed flowers I was gifted for Mother’s Day by my one of my sons and his family. As you may recall, roses, sent by my other son and family, were featured two weeks go. I also put them into the “Video Thank You” for those who responded to a feedback-request survey.

The roses came two days before Mothers Day; the mixed flowers on Mother’s Day. I spent many hours over a 10-day period photographing the roses and then they were completely finished… totally dried out, those that I still have.

Aside from taking several photos initially of the bouquet of mixed flowers, they were pretty much ignored by my camera and me.

Finally, yesterday, a week after the roses were gone, I decided to pay attention to the “other” flowers that 17 days after I received them still had many that were, and are as I write, alive and continuing to share their beauty.

mixed flowers bouquet - 17 days after being received


Once I started photographing, no matter what stage they were in, the specialness of the flowers showed up. Unfortunately some were completely gone. Amongst those in mixed stages, two individual Alstroemeria flowers remained. I mention them because they’ve been the ones that most consistently grace my home when I buy flowers.

As I reflected, I found myself dwelling on why I had ignored these flowers; what messages that might be giving; what did it mean about me; how could I translate it all into lessons and Self-Reflecting Queries and more….

Although stories abounded and have been running around in my head,  I decided “enough talk.”

Most of the rest of the issue is devoted simply to the photos. I will give you the space to simply appreciate the flowers as you see them… to make up your own stories if you wish. I’ve numbered them underneath each photo should you want to add your experiences or stories in a comment on the blog.

Daisies composite - different lighting - different effects

2 lavender daisy flowers removed from the stem resting on a table.
– The above flowers separated from their stems and
were photographed resting flat on the table.

Flowers in vase when first received on May 8, 2016

segment of mixed flower bouquet on day received

Yellow chrysanthemum



close up of portion of mixed flower bouquet when first received


small yellow flower still in full bloom - dying lavender daisies

Self-Reflecting Queries
In “making up stories”,  personifying the flowers, I could say they felt ignored. Yet they survived longer than the roses. They didn’t spend time and energy “resenting”. They simply went through their life cycle and generously gave pleasure to me and my camera.

Is there anyone in your life whom you’ve been ignoring because you consider them less than…not good enough…not up to your expectations?  Are there parts of yourself you ignore because you feel less than? If so, I invite you to let it go… Instead, look for what might be possible.

When I started interacting with these flowers, moving them around and photographing them…I saw them differently and whole new possibilities opened up.

Also, is there anything you are holding onto in your life… making yourself or someone else, wrong, that’s getting in the way of your being fulfilled?  If so, I invite you to also let it go.

Remind yourself it may simply be your own story.  If it keeps, “sticking you”, check out it out with the other person if need be.

I had a “story” with relation to my son and these flowers. Though not directly about our relationship, I shared it with my him. It turns out I was way off base and there was another totally different story!

In the “Leave a Reply” section below, please share share your experiences of these flowers and/or the stories you may be making up and living in.



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