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This week the new Apple video ad – iPhone 6S – Onions immediately caught my attention as I skipped past other ads while watching a recorded TV show. For certain, those familiar with Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now ezine and my Photography and Transformation site will understand why when you watch the one- minute video below.

In addition to highlighting some of what’s important to me, the video and all that was expressed in it immediately reminded me of my RED ONION STORY – Peeling Away the Layers of an Onion: Analogous to Peeling Away the Layers of Ourselves done several years ago. The photos and text in the latter PDF documented my observations at the time of what happened with my intention to photograph a layer daily of an onion until it was complete.
And a different perspective brings a smile to my face every time I look at the photo.
Cut Onion SmileAn example of some of my aha’s and self-reflections:

“I wonder,” I wrote on the 3rd day; “Is this how I treat myself (and others), immediately cutting directly in to whatever is going on?

What would be available were I to become more gentle with others and myself? ” How about if it’s simply – though not always so simple – appreciating the unaltered beauty of what’s underneath?

How about you? How do you treat yourself? With a knife or with loving tenderness? I invite you to consider the above questions for yourself.

To get the PDF – RED ONION STORY #1Peeling Away the Layers of a Red Onion: Analogous to Peeling Away the Layers of Ourselves put your name and email address in the form at the top of the left column OR click/tap on this link – ONION STORY PDF

Apple’s Video Ad –  iPhone 6S -Onions
Given my own experience of red onions and other vegetables being eye-catchers for me, subjects for photos and videos, I smiled at the statement, while watching Apple’s video, “It’s poetry. Presumably this related to the iPhone videoing the onion-cutting. I smiled also when one of the characters in the iPhone 6S video commented to a friend that he’s going to make a Snap Peas movie.

Experience it for yourself. Watch Apple’s iPhone 6SOnions a one-minute video.

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I’d love to “hear”/see your response to the iPhone 6S – Onions video ad… to the ad itself and/or your own experiences with cutting and seeing  things in vegetables.

Do you use your phone, or other camera, for videoing? If so, what subject(s) is(are) your preference?

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