My Paths to De-Stressing – What are Yours?

Are you wondering about how the initial two photos below relate to each other?

The first is symbolic of one of my Paths to De-stressing and the second “eye-catcher” photo symbolizes the “core” of what invigorates and relaxes me.

As you read, and watch the videos, I invite you to reflect on what most invigorates and restores you, while at the same time eliminating or easing up on your anxieties and stress.

The above photo was a follow-up to the first day of my path to de-stressing, prior to the ultimate cancellation of being in a Hurricane Warning zone.

Most, if not all of you, are likely aware of what’s been happening with Hurricane Dorian. Dorian initially demonstrated its ferociousness as it stayed stalled over the Bahamas for several days. My deepest sympathy to all of those affected by the hurricane who are now deeply suffering there. Prayers also for all those who will be affected as Dorian continues North along the Atlantic Coast.

On Monday, after almost five days of emotional ups and downs regarding the projection, at times, of possible catastrophic damage in the area where I live, I learned that seemingly my home in Southeast Florida was no longer in the “cone” of the threatened area.

I was in the final stages of readying the inside of my already shuttered home and was completing packing to go to my son’s home. I had all important papers gathered, clothes for several days packed, food to supplement his family’s and lots more in the event we were without power in roads back to my home were blocked. And I was still doing “stuff.”

Then my daughter-in-law called, saying I was most welcome to stay there of course, as planned. She continued with what she gathered from hearing my son’s conversation with me that I was far more stressed than need be. She had been watching the Weather channel closely and it showed that we were no longer in the band of any major threats. It was her suggestion that I stay home and de-stress watching a couple of movies as she and my son had done in the morning.

I breathed somewhat a sigh of relief. As much as I love my family, I was happy to be staying home, with no more decisions to make around preparation and leaving.

I watched one movie she recommended, Netflix “Fall Inn Love”, and then went out for a Nature Walk in front the Water Management Treatment center across from Green Cay Wetlands, one of my favorite walking locations.

Immediately my eyes were pulled into the “dancing-in-the-wind” dried up ferns. I then zeroed in on the lines and patterns of the large leaf itself…taking photos and videos of the “action”.

Behind me was a lake. The water and foliage movement in the trees and plants on the shore then captured my eyes. I took more photos and videos and then had a happy surprise as I left the parking lot… a reflected red sky to the East, behind Green Cay!!

I took a couple of photos and then took a couple more of the Western sky as I stopped along the road to my home. [See Video above]

Once home, before watching the second recommended Netflix movie [“Good Sam”], I started assembling the photos and videos I had taken. Editing with iMovie on my iPhone, I created the “Eye-Catcher De-Stresser” video [the first one above].

NORMALCY begins to Return
Tuesday became, for the first time in several days, a more normal day for me. By the end of the day the Hurricane Warning had been lifted, forecasting only possible Tropical Storm winds that we never even got.

Simply for a “breather” I went out for a neighborhood walk and was delighted with another unexpected red sky. [Play video below] The view in the photo that started this post suggested the theme for this post “My Path to De-Stressing – What’s Yours?”

CREATIVITYAdded De-Stresser for me
Once I got in creative mode, another de-stresser for me, I finalized the three videos. As I was creating, I realized that they would also become good material for the Through and From the Lens Course, coming back once again, on October 7th.  

I’m finishing here feeling Revitalized. I will feel even more so when, hopefully, you share your “de-stressers” and “revitalizers” in the Reply section below.

I invite you to look for, pay attention to, and explore your de-stressers and revitalizers.

Do you practice them regularly or need reminders?

if so, do you have a structure in place for them?

I invite you to share with us, in the Reply space below this post, what you’ve discovered as you reflected on the queries.

Thank you for being a part of this community.



My Paths to De-Stressing – What are Yours? — 8 Comments

  1. I find that sitting and connecting to life force, God, Spirit, helps me. Breath work, Guided meditation, Yoga are all work for me.
    No I do not have a routine. Nor do I have reminders set up. Stress can be a reminder for me. Many times I just stop whatever I am doing, even when I am just having a normal day and go within. It does help. And it only takes a minute.

  2. Dear Sheila,
    Congratulations on getting through the high stress with calmness and strength.
    Not sure I could do as well.

    My biggest de-stressor is communication with people I love about positive possibilities, and happy things. Another de-stressor is walking in nature whenever possible. And, in a photography class you taught, I noticed that taking photos helps me de-stress.
    Marifran Korb

    • Thanks so much for responding and sharing, Marifran. I’m sure you would have done as well or better. I’m still not sure how I would have handled it should Dorian have landed here and impacted my environment, loved ones and all the people I care about and more. And, I’m known for being resilient so I would have managed I’m sure. Feeling profoundly blesses, thought that I did not have to find out.

    • Thanks so much for replying, Ed. Your response is so lyrical. I can image you playing it on your guitar to the tune of the original “These are a few of my Favorite things”… adding your words.

      If you record it, I’ll post it… or we can record it together on the phone and I’ll post it. 🙂

  3. Walking in nature and deep breathing help me. But I have to say nature to me is my salvation even if it is just standing outside taking in the beauty that it offers. It really centers and grounds me.

    Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounded you!

    • Thanks so much, Pam, for reading and replying to my post on de-stressing. Yes, nature has been restorative for me in many ways, many times. I do need to remember to deep breathing. Do you any photographing in nature?

      I appreciate your thanks. You are most welcome

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