How to Preserve Voice Memories, Photos and Notes Using Evernote

Once again it has been an extended time between posts. Ironically, I had planned this on to be around a thought I had the other morning. I asked myself, “Are you allowing confrontation to stop you or are you stepping back and allowing for new openings?

And, as I opened the last issue Confrontation or Peace, I see that this, in fact, was its theme. I wonder if you noticed anything for yourself then, or now?

In the meantime, when I let go of some of my “stuff”, I decided that it’s important for me to share some of my experiences to ensure that I’ve put out everything I know that can help others to Treasure their Lives Now and in the future.

With that being said I’m changing the customary Photo/Self-Reflecting Queries format for this issue to go straight to my story, offer and Treasure Your Life Now Tip.

Using Evernote to hold photos, recordings and notesYesterday, my beloved, late-husband Sam and I would have celebrated 54 years of marriage, were he still alive.

The photo on the left was taken at the surprise 45th Anniversary party our children and grandchildren gave for us.

As I undoubtedly have mentioned here in the past, I am blessed to have years of love-letters and notes from him, something many of you may not have.

This, by the way, can include correspondence with children, friends, and other people important to you, in addition to a husband, wife or significant other.

And, one big thing that is missing for me is the sound of his voice, hearing his words out loud. I had the technology to make recordings and videos while he was live and it simply never occurred to me.

Now there are even easier, more spontaneous ways to do this, including smart phones, voice apps on them, videos on phones or digital cameras, as well as more.

And, from my perspective the one I use most is my speaker phone – house or cell – and EVERNOTE, a free, downloadable program that can go on any and all of your devices. I have mentioned EVERNOTE in other issues of Treasure Your Life Now and I thought it important enough to do it again.

Photo, Recording and Message using EvernoteYesterday I did a post on my Technology for Seniors Made Easy site with an offer for a special through Monday night, September 1 to the Kickstart Guide to Evernote.

In that post I give instructions on how to do an all-in-one note, with a recording, photograph and notes, as shown in the demo image above.

AND, as I was writing the above, I got the GREAT idea to do a personal demo message to/for you.

Click on the picture and it will take you directly to the page in Evernote on the web, or click on SHEILA’S “Hi” You’ll see me in my office with the orange cone flower photo/drawing of mine that I love.

And, back to yesterday’s blog post on Technology for Seniors. I also point out the possibility of easily saving phone messages to a note or notes in Evernote. I gave the web link to a message from a friend I saved so whenever I have doubts I can listen to her acknowledgement of my new look. I included it in the post so you could see that option that Evernote also offers. It’s not necessary for you to listen. (And, as I finished the last sentence, I got the idea to do the one above, just for you!)

OK, so here after all comes a query:

Self-Reflecting Query
How often do you give yourself permission to act in the moment?

Treasure Your Life Now Tip
Photograph your loved ones. Record some of the special moments together and/or their sharing of specific things important to them.

Remember to do the same with your own thoughts. When is the last time, if ever, you recorded an acknowledgment to someone important to you? And, this is something I will be taking on myself!

Have fun with this. I would love to hear what your responses to the photos and my experience are. Please share them in comments to this post in the comments section below.

Guide to Using Evernote – Special Offer
Need help or want more ideas on the plethora of things you can do with Evernote – See Kickstart Guide to Using Evernote

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